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During a test near Brownsville Texas. The rocket designed to theory cruise to the moon and Mars was destroyed. The blast could be heard and felt for miles around. I heard it. I heard it. The ground shook really no. I didn't even know it. S I don't care example of Lousy reporting okay. I'm only Joe. Chater the trader J. P. E. LAUSD reporting trader. Joe Has died. Joe Colom was eighty-nine. He opened his first Quirky Grocery store in Pasadena California fifty three years ago now. There are more than five hundred trader. Joe's in over forty states. They don't want to mention. This is actually now owned by the German grocery store chain. Yes it's all but they don't mention that because it's not trader Joe's. I hate the fact the way I understood the story. Is that the two there brothers. In the end they were going to take over The the supermarket business in the United States but then The one brother didn't WANNA sell tobacco products so then he bought trader Joe's because he didn't want to be a part of the all D- selling tobacco but yeah yeah they had. They had a tiff. This whole trader. Joe Was a Hashtag are traded. You love your place man. Has it had anything to do with own? Well Oh well twitter. The story on another underplayed story that nobody's talking about but is is a jam. Because you know I think if it wasn't for for Corona viruses would have been played up a little bit. China Olympic doping scandal like the Russians. Oh Boy China's three time Olympic gold medalist Sun Yang expressed his shock of being handed. An eight ban on Friday for dope test violation the rule. Tim Out of the Tokyo Games said he would immediately appeal the decision the Court of Arbitration for Sport early accepted an appeal from the world. Anti Doping Agency against indecision swimming's governing body to clear son of wrongdoing for his conduct during a two thousand eighteen test. Cast said the ban was imposed because the twenty eight year old already had an early anti-doping rule.

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