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That's not unusually large network for this day and age where socalled islamic state cautions its followers to avoid big groups so as to escape detection it suggests both an element of careful planning by the perpetrators and also a failure of intelligence but the normally vigilant spanish authorities spain is not experienced anything quite like this since out kite a stage multiple bombings in madrid in two thousand four but spanish police working closely with american moroccan counterparts have arrested dozens of suspected plotters in recent years many with connections to the two spanish enclaves on america's north coast molina and future have a reputation of being hotbeds of extremist activity and both provided you heard is with a gateway into the spanish mainland throughout the day online supporters of i s have been celebrating the bus lunar attack some of even expressed the hope it'll changed the goals of spanish politics forcing the government to pull out to the us late global coalition that is rapidly degrading what's left of i asked his selfstyled caliphate in the middle east all security correspondent frank gardner reporting the use of cars vans all lorries as weapons is a relatively recent phenomenon but as it's been seen a number of european cities can cause many deaths and injuries so add to this murderous idea come from jason book of the guardian newspaper is the author of a number of books about his lennick militancy he's been talking to my colleague julian marshall.

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