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Here we go eight Oh, nine seven hundred wwl, wer carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet I would be your host Lance McAlister I would be very appreciative of the fact. You have chosen to spend some time hanging out. We'll see what we can do over the next fifty one minutes, and then it's Rachel and from nine to midnight tonight by the way. If you missed a conversation with a mere Garrett, it was powerful. It was moving, and it was insightful last night. I assume that's available in podcast form Yes podcast Rachel's interview with the mirror that's on. Is that podcast yet it is on podcast. It is worth listening if you happen to miss it last night. Excellent. The the the the conversation was was really really good stuff all right we We jumped into the reds I area from David Bell. You heard from Sonny Gray we talked about the decision on the day started the reds rotation. Couple of other things baseball related. We've morphed into our second topic. Night started with a fifty four year baseball executive who retired over the weekend at a piece written to the Associated Press he wrote. A piece titled. Confessions of a baseball purist talking about what he doesn't like about the game anymore and that led to a caller who's going to jump in on that before they dropped off the other night about old school versus new school, and I said well I. Don't I don't WanNa miss out on that opportunity. Let me grab that thought and see if we can turn it into a topic of where you stand as a sports fan if you're more old school or new school. And I get clearly right now. It's overwhelming I've made it a twitter question. It's been the question on my facebook page all day today, a lance McAlister sports pages the facebook overwhelming old school, and I get longing for the air quotes here that good old days. But I, it seems like the default position is just take me back. Twenty or thirty years ago at everything was better than. I just I have a tough time being convinced going back twenty or thirty years there be more gained than there would be lost. I mean how far back do you want to go to keep it the way it used to be? Do you want leather helmets for football with no forward pass. T one peach baskets for the NBA. Do you want no mask for hockey I? Mean baseball one part I get. People complain all the time. Just leave the game alone. I don't like change in evolution well, if that's the case, how strict are you on that? Because baseball once allow batters to request where they wanted to pitch, like they'd hold their hand and say throw it right here. You want to go back to that used to be fly ball to be caught him on one bounce. That was an out. Up until eighteen eighty three pitchers threw the ball underhand. We Wanna go back to that because we don't like change. At one point in baseball bat was flat on one side. Walks were scored as a hit is Wasser as good as a hit. According to literally coach, Mary used to always say that the spitball up. Until one thousand, nine, hundred twenty was allowed. The ground rule doubles were actually home runs up until nineteen thirty if it hit and bounce in home run. But we evolved we changed. We realized that things can be done differently in a better way to upgrade it. Improve the game. I watch the Golf Tournament of the weekend and Bryson Sham to Shambo is going to be a topic tomorrow night I've waiting to get to all week, but just watching his drive and the graphic they use the ark of the red line, showing how far it goes, the to goes how it goes, and then the distance immediately. The fact that we're we're living in a age where you can wager on sports online on our phone. The the fact that we've a better understanding of how you go about winning in this day and age in sports because we have a better understanding of how a player is performing in relation to everybody else. I view all those things as progress as as pluses as new school. Old, school to me was watching a baseball game from thirty years ago over the weekend going what the Hell's going on. There's nothing on the screen. I don't get it in HD. And I. Don't know what the score is. I don't know what any it is I. Don't know what the county is and I. Don't know what other teams are doing in baseball at this time. Go to the phones, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one and pound, seven, hundred on at and T. how `bout. Here, we welcome to sportstalk. How are you? How are you? I'm well. Thanks for calling. Thanks for having me talk or yes, it's a McCall say. I'm. I have evolved like really. Click and I'll tell you walk. An old school guy through and I have three buddies that. Two of them are tiger fans of? Yankee Fan. This is been our argument at. My. Old School Way. The pitcher supposed to have or Always come back. which are you supposed to have someone have? Nater Potter on the on the golf. Course you know. I want to tell you what I. Won't be tell you what the coroner has done the me Oh. It has got me evolving because. And I'm selfish, because of it I'll look at the rich depth in as force back. Depth there and I'm thinking. Hey. Maybe I can like designated hitter. I start thinking about how in the you mean. The tenth inning have a runner on second base that means that show miles school They're going to have to cut some more. You know in All you know it's Kinda like. A tie in football lawn now one of the most exciting Extra any extra play is college or high school Playing extra point I think playing for. Time. Yes so I've evolved I'm excited about it. and I saw. Can you remember when your dad would say I was this guy? Why Dad and he would say son because I said so. I used to be the guy that sage because I say so. That's what I'm looking for. Scott I'm glad you listen. It means a lot you called. Thank you. Have a great night Chris I am on, facebook, says a new school. Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people. I'd never heard that line before Chris. Did you make that upper somebody? known for quoting that Don Gilligan says old school definitely. I missed two separate leagues that played each other only in the all. Star game in world series I miss football players with grass and mud stains on their uniforms. I miss cool nicknames for teams employers with Cool Nicknames I missed the idea of the humble athlete Oh. Houston Crawford on facebook old school to the point on done watching sports, and it's sad with sports being my entire life there you go about one more quickly on a cell Kevin. Welcome to sportstalk. How's it going my friend? You tell me I'm fantastic our you. Hot Work on the road today. CAN'T IMAGINE I. Know you answer the. Good points up. Yeah, I told the the The call takers progressive. Moving moving forward, you know. We don't go from the military. Never go up their their weapons. They have now to go back to a single shot. Right yeah, he wouldn't go back to football being just running in their passing. You know all those kind of things that there has to be. Progression everything sports life whatever you know. And you don't want to come. Talk Dockyard I. Love Numbers always have, and if I'm a coach or General Ernie. I'm going with the most information i. Get to the ability to be able to.

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