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Emme when it pertained to my career that potentially would cost millions of dollars i wanted to be sure i got gotta right yeah and then on top of that the human brains the most fascinating thing in the universe it's absolutely incredible meeting richie has been enlightening experience vis a personal coffin out of the dalai lama whose figured out we can train our selves to be more resilient happier etc cetera positive psychology and effective neuroscience our a hobby of mine um i don't know if i go back to school for that'd be like starting from square one but it's amazingly fascinating darulaman pot was the a could get the dalai lama nepad i've i've been the invitations we offered him of pod but am in the rain or podcast that work very west riyadh from the gulf show we we gotta one more thing for ago you played with capper neck did you ever think he would become the face of of this whole generation for social protests than the guy who potentially flip the nfl on and it's ass i never would have expected it cap is really demure selfeffacing quiet for him to take this stance i know at time he's been kind of cast is searching for seeking the limelight or wanting attention that's not him it's genuine i think what he's done is powerful and meaningful i love and support him you talk to them ever anna now not in years it seems like.

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