Helium, Pooper Grant Long Fussell, Aspirin discussed on Glenn Beck


Beck program. For some reason Glen and pad have decided to dedicate a segment once a week to helium Thursdays. This is second in which they discuss something while sounding like they're on helium this week on helium Thursday. They discuss the green new deal. Apple serious here. Rich. Right. Color. Now, if anybody sat spinach to. Thirty. Painting at the most. Sara crowd so far. Per. Pooper Grant Long Fussell's. All star. I four health also. Peoper rotter is. Tarek browns. Not long. All freight. Glad that sending on rag. Their brains. Barnes content trial. Wow. Long. Wow. Lots hearing. Seriously. Aranaud? A lot of. Cast. Both ways. Them out. And now. Total turn. This is an aspirin shout. Aspirin..

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