Gordon Qarara, Assault, Analyst discussed on Global News Podcast - Austria Set to Elect World's Youngest Leader


Sometimes there's an image where we need contact to know if it really is supporting terrorism for instance somebody at lausanne image of the isis it might be somebody that is theory not because there are a number of isis or they're supporting isis but it could be a senior journalists who a theory that isis flag to say i hear the here's what this is doing it could be somebody who's condemning so that's why technologies part of the answer but it's not the entire answer it's not hard finding videos involving violence online but differentiating between material useful for research and material that could radicalise people is a challenge especially because sometimes they may be the same thing gordon qarara reporting you're listening to global news the most important stories and the best interviews and on the spot reporting from the bbc world service and remember that every weekend you can hear a review of the weeks my new stories and why they matter that's in the world this week the programmes also available to download from our website for months now us backed troops have been besieging the syrian city of rock the selfproclaimed capital of the islamic state creep a now say they've launched their final assault on the city so is raca finally about to fool a question from middle east analyst alan johnston we have heard a lot about the battle for record began way back in june dragged on all through the hot summer now into the beginnings.

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