Devin Nunes, Nuno, Kim Jong Un discussed on The Doug Basham Show


Come on where's that old devin nunes memo's spirit as in this meeting we were right all alone or are you still embarrassed by what a nothing burger the newness memo was but let not your hearts be troubled rightwing trump parts i can almost guarantee you as we speak devin nunes in his stooges are huddled together this weekend preparing yet another stupid memo that will assert this classified meeting prove they were right all alone except that it didn't and they weren't as they did with the last nuno's nemo they'll be lying with this level know and if they're smart they'll distance themselves from the original nunez memo and not even use that word memo at all call it a dictum perhaps which would be doubly appropriate given what a colossal dick kevin newness is so you heard scarborough bring up guliani remarks on trump cancelling the nobel meeting with kim jong un and joe alluded to the stupid comment rudy made to the fake failing washington post which of course begs the question why would he be talking to the washington post answer because as you heard earlier from lesley stahl they're playing you for rubes dupes and suckers when they trash the media when you are a criminal surrounded by criminals the last thing that will benefit you is an honest press they were talking about a future possible meeting between trump and earned and rudy said quote i think it's more inevitable that a muller interview at least they're not gonna try and trap them into korean perjury and quote i mean sometimes you almost have to wonder his guliani working for robert muller i mean really and once again the only people who are susceptible to perjury traps are liars rudy stop telling us trump is a liar those of us who live in the real world have known this for years and quite frankly so do loyal trump the differences they don't care because hillary we will dwellers however absolutely do care and i gotta ask you again do you not see what a farcical food barred messed this entire catastrophic trump circus truly is every damn one of them are additionally for traveling freak show it's like they're all trying to out ridiculous one another and succeeding and yet the most ridiculous of all.

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