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He's a plum. That's a regularly but a locally grown plums so it wasn't shipped across the country and it's just dripping with juice and it's everything that's good about this this season and it makes you really think that you're still in the summer because feels like a summer dash. I'm one of those girls that holds onto summer as long as she i'm. I'm out there swimming until it's snowing well. You've got a pasta here too. You could take this into the winter. I love tomatoes and pasta. 'cause you can do anything well this. This is a wonderful dish because it uses tomatoes in different ways. I have just an onslaught of cherry tomatoes right now. Yellow ones dark red ones bright red ones and what i do is i roast them at a very low temperature for a while until they get just softened. They don't split split open but they almost become candy like this is such a great <hes> technique particularly for kids that say they don't like tomatoes because it's like eating handy handy. They're so sweet and i roasted with a whole head of garlic. I squeeze the garlic out so you have the roasted cherry tomatoes garlic then you boy linguini whatever type of pasta pasta you like and then i chopped fresh tomatoes in as well so you get the tomatoes in two different ways you get the raw juicy fresh and you get these sweet bursting bing cherry tomatoes and of course there's basil and toasted pine nuns buttery buttery. How long does it take to put this together is less than thirty minutes for a real and if you wanted to do it on a week night in new pre roasted the tomatoes and garlic you can put it together in the time it takes to boil pasta and my favorite things you could put pesto in it. You could put go cheese crumbles in it. Listen to rob running away with my recipe improvise improvise. What what do you look for. Kathy and i know that we've talked about this before. It's you don't always have the best selection especially at the supermarket of tomatoes. You like farmers markets or your own garden. I what do you look look for. When you're when you're going to look for a perfect well i look for a tomato that has a bright color whether it's green or pink or red but that it's not just a blush lush of color because usually it's not right. It should feel heavy in your hand and if you're shopping for tomatoes at a supermarket this time of year. You're probably probably making a mistake because the farmers markets are so full of them. I also wanna say my famous roasted tomato sauce room roasted putin esco which has anchovies anchovies and olives go to the farmer's market and ask for seconds these of the slightly bruce tomatoes perfect for making sauce and sheep and i'll say say one thing the famous julia child once told me do not put tomatoes in refrigerator here bruins that esta absolutely chilean new tomatoes refrigerator or no no okay. We've got all these recipes pictures at here now dot org during a resident chef kathy guns. Thanks as always thank you. <music> jeremy hobson around us is here now <music>..

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