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Now i see why you are an inspirational speaker. I see like my house. Everybody vine hill while while time now find him. While is hot now. I got to the lawn bodies and i. You know that that that that was powell to say lease the lease and so man. I don't even know where i don't know where to begin with my next my next questions either so you talked a little bit about nine thirty. That's when you had your first child am by thirty two. You started working on Self-development if you will and i don't even know if that's the best word to describe your transformation when did you. When did you have in my mind like okay. I'm now going to start speaking for others as the speaker itself man. Als the johnny. To the what really inspired me and me let me break that down to just a second inspired. What inspired me and the root word there is it when we say inspired or inspirational it is inspired to be in spear and so there's a spiritual component with the word inspired. There's there's joy there's fullness there's something that is drawing you to wait when you are inspired do you. Don't mind after it really worked so hard. There's no question involved with verses with motivation. I i need to be motivated to do something. So i was inspired by the reading and more importantly the listening to the speakers because what they were doing was they would just sharing their stories of how they change. So as i listened to them as i was feeding my mind with greatness. Run the jump that i have been watching on. Tv shufu as far back as i can recall. That was my life watching tv all day. Long gone sleep packed attitude. So i speed in my mind with positive messages and as i began to reflect on on those messages and began to start at i started to change.

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