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The number one hudson ridge. And i'm also could make an committing another said because i'm picking bob baffert on the turf. Which i know is something. You're not supposed to short prices. But i feel like there are a lot of arrows pointing to hudson region. this reysen. he'll probably get bet down a little bit off that ninety two morning line. i think that's somewhat drennan expecting more like three to one. But i do believe he's the most likely winner of this race and byles by some ways. He's coming out of that same race. That you mentioned the la hoya and he was the one horse close to that quick pace as you said can't compete was involved in who actually was around at the finish and he lost a little bit of ground coming around the far turn whereas the two horses that both were involved in that photo with him sword zorro offer really. They both saved all the ground. There were some bumping at the end. I actually thought hudson bridge was the one that really got knocked off stride at the end of that race. But i like hudson. Risks ridge stretching back out to the mile and an eight. I really liked his performance to back when he won that allowance race making an early move into another fast pace and holding off flashy as came out of out to win a stakes and his back in here. And i love that. He's getting a writer switch to fly the in pratt. I love that. He drew the rail. Because if you want some of his prior raises. He's a horse. That shows a bit of a tendency to want to log in. So i think he's gonna get a perfect ground saving trip in this race and i also like did. He has tactical speed because for a fourteen field. There's just not a ton of early speed or really confirmed frontrunners in this race. So i didn't wanna take a deed closer and i just think hudson ridge mix a lot of sense here. I would kind of lean on him a little bit and use him along with some bigger prices. I think the that you mentioned captain peak is pretty interesting. Another huge price that i would want to throw into. The mix is the number eleven. Lincoln hawk..

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