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Right after the show danettes. Game ready got their gear on and that'll be a twelve thirty eastern you can watch the three on three league on the Dan Patrick show app. Is it not suitable for children? They have those warnings. It's not suitable for basketball purist. Let's put it that way. That might be the best way to go about this. We need to have a warning of content James day. Smith. Just died again. Yeah. Did you know that James Naismith born in Canada? Seriously? And we acquired him would we I think somehow Kansas got him. I don't know how Jimmy Naismith ended up coming here to the United States and. Introducing us to basketball. Yes. So basketball is a Canadian game and they have hockey to how. And they had Andrew Wiggins and RJ Barrett didn't they invent maple syrup. I mean, they've got everything up there. They invented maple syrup L. Let's give it to him, though. And niceness. They are very nice. And they've Drake you SETV was a great strengths, not necessarily nice like he, he doesn't fit. He would he would fit in with other cities suicide for copyrighting the game. That's a reference. Oh, he's suing all company. That's right. Nike. Yeah. Because of the claw. He came up with the logo in apparently Nike trademark did in and I love the Colli wears new balance. It just doesn't it feel like that? That would be the issue like, you know, it's, it's very practical. It's, it's nice comfortable and I wear new balance. They have fair prices, you know, made in the US. All right. We'll hear from Roger Goodell the Commissioner the omnipresent Commissioner, except on this show. He will join us well down, just by an interview say, yeah. He's not joining us, but through a soundbite, we'll have the Commissioner talking about, maybe it's time to reduce the preseason. You know something's up, you know the, the, the Commissioner doesn't go, you know, on second thought maybe these preseason games are meaningless, and we shouldn't we shouldn't be putting these players through it. How about we cut down on preseason which we've been saying, forever have controlled scrimmages have two preseason games, don't price gouge everybody? And then maybe you can add another regular season game. And then you add another postseason game. I'm guessing that's the end game here. But in, by the way, you know who wants the eighteen game schedule more than anybody? Anybody? I'm gonna make your way I'm gonna make you. Wait Todd dude made you wait earlier today. Yeah. And maybe my kids will do something I'm really proud of. And I'll send you a little note here during the commercial. I'm glad you clarified the whole, we're gonna play a sound bite from Roger Goodell because minute shows the play the you'll hear from going to be a guest. Oh, I know. I'm in on those Joe here from Tom Brady net. Yes. Yeah, it's a cut from the local reporter iae. Thanks. We'll take a break here. Bill.

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