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Very, very sad. It seems like the dude is likely to be fired now. And it makes me wonder like, what happened? How did he succeed it Florida Central Florida? Because watching Nebraska football now, his team lacks discipline, his team, it lacks detail. It's crazy. Is this guy a good, is he a terrible coach? Is he a bad recruiter? What's going on? It seems like Scott frost getting fired at Nebraska is basically inevitable now. And that's very sad because again, this was a guy going home to a place where he was loved and wanted. And it seems like he just has failed, really, really miserably at Nebraska. So I did some more research and I found a couple of things that are alarming in my opinion. Number one, apparently, Scott frost and Nebraska are being investigated by the NCAA for possible violations. Now, those violations include improper use of consultants and analysts during games and practices also apparently they moved their off season workouts to an undisclosed location last year. And that was when workouts were shut down during COVID. So now on top of that, number two, according to 24 7 sports reporter Brandon Marcelo 54 players have transferred out of Nebraska. 50 four is at a typo. I found the number 24 out there. I don't know that 54 is accurate. I could only find that information on Brandon Marcelo's Twitter, but shout out to him. It seems like he does good work. I want to trust that, but I want to give it a caveat because I couldn't find that number anywhere else other than on his Twitter page. So take it with a grain of salt, if you want, but still 24 54. Either way, that's a massive red flag at 54 is like such an unbelievable number if that is true. And the number three Scott frost has the worst record. This is absolutely true. He has the worst record as a Nebraska head coach. Since 1961, that's insanely bad. Oh my goodness. And then to add more fuel to the fire, this is how bad things are going for Scott frost. Nebraska football has this crazy long streak. I didn't know about it. Apparently the streak goes all the way back to 1962, where they sell out home football games every single game. And they've done so for like, you know, 40, 50 years. It's been a crazy long amount of time. Is that even that's 60 years roughly, right? That's about. That's like 59 years in a row. They've sold out their home stadium from 1962 to 2021. And apparently the streak was going to end. People were not excited. They weren't going to their next game. And some big donors swooped in, they bought all the remaining tickets for their upcoming game. And they're donating the tickets to kids, which is great. I love that good for the kids. I don't think anybody gets hurt by this story..

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