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So i guess what i was about to say is if it's not government then the next place people will look is is is corporations right what are what are the what is the alternative you can stand you covered anonymous i know a along not anonymous but the the uh wall street occupy wall street protests for a long time if if you say well i don't want it to be government i don't want it to be banks will then i don't want to be amazon will then who well i think ben brings ben cover similar stuff in cyber and i think that what will see is is kind of a bifurcation of world's you will see a corporate entities like uh amazon walmart apple a and all of our other favor big tech companies in on the game and then you'll see the crypto community the reddit communities and those who who don't want to to have their transactions in that world might gravitate towards cryptocurrency might uh unsettle pretty bearish and cryptocurrency but the block chain represents so much more potential it feels like there's something there it's clear bitcoin at this point is a failure i know people are gonna flame me for that uh but but bump bullish on those coyne actors we're all in a dose going here too yes dodge going go george i think wow i coined his father robert have i think is a lot millions and he hung on.

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