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I'm Richard Can't Sue. He's one more Super Bowls as a player than any other team in the NFL. Tom Brady names Super Bowl 55 Most Valuable player After leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 31 to 9 pounding of the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs, Brady threw for three touchdowns and being named game M V P. Everybody, you know, believe we could win so But You know, I think through the last really all year we believed in ourselves. Our coaches believed in us way believed in ourselves and again. We're going up against a great team tonight and just happy we got the job done. It was Brady's seventh win in the Super Bowl. U. S officials have the Biden administration On Monday, We'll announce that the U. S. Will re engage with the much maligned U. N Human Rights Council that former President Trump withdrew from almost three years ago. Democrats running Congress continue pushing forward on pandemic relief without Republican support. Biden administration says it's open to a deal with Republicans but not at the expense of slowing down the urgent relief. It says Americans need Transportation Secretary Pete Buddha judge on ABC this week have four million fewer jobs if we don't act now. Republican Senator Roger Wicker says The Biden administration's plan is too big and says Republican proposals are being denied really more more. The White House staff than the president. Absolutely. Rejected any of their proposals. Marco Malard, ABC News Administration Pandemic, Medical advisor, Dr Anthony Fauci says will soon be seeing the effects of increased vaccinations things they're going to get better as we get from February into March into April. Because the number of vaccine doses that will be available will increase substantially. Fauci on meet the press on NBC, the Rainbow Push Coalition announced. The Reverend Jesse Jackson is out of a Chicago hospital and is now in a rehabilitation facility is longtime spokesman says Jackson had gall bladder surgery. You're listening to ABC News. Have you heard? Ah, Secret hoard of 18. 88. Morgan Silver.

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