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Who people I mean people who get it find out more at CDW dot com slash Cisco we are in unchartered territory as we continue working together to help end this we will hope for the best we'll continue our social distancing but we will prepare for the worst while keeping you close to the news as often as necessary we will have to deal with it at the top in thirty minutes fast and when it breaks and Telemann's must remain I see my news radio K. L. B. J. sports talk with Jason add in BDO voice of big tex wave goodbye for the last time Bob Boykin the world famous voice of big tex died give the people contact to big sex big Texas a statue with the state fair that big crazy do that yeah on fire yes it is the voice of a high welcome to the state fair of Texas corn dogs and drink a lot what time is it I'm not gonna say that you say it five sixteen use still some afternoon forty six on news radio que O. B. J. thirteen till you're listening to America in the morning for weeks personal protective equipment had been running low at many hospitals in areas hit hardest by corona virus correspondent Steve casting down heard from nurses and one hospital in New Jersey where they were directed to re use one piece of their P. P. ET for an entire week Judy did L. is a nurse at Robert wood Johnson university hospital in New Brunswick New Jersey where they have their fair share of coronavirus patience pressing to watch people young people especially that are one moment healthy in the next minute their oxygen levels down there being intubated she said her members were shocked when they saw a memo going around the hospital instructing them on how to wear and re use the same surgical mask over their N. ninety five masks for a full week unless they're spoiled unless they're stains but to wear them you can barely get through a shift to where the surgical masks now they want you to wear them for an entire week the memo instructed how to place the mask in a small paper bag and stored for use on the next shift it's not doing what they're supposed to do what all she thinks her using the same surgical mask on top of an N. ninety five mask over the course of several shifts makes nurse is vulnerable to cross contamination we are potentially exposing ourselves did Ellis said nurses keep hearing about shipments of masks that are coming in the states stockpile being supplied as well as donated masks coming in they wonder where it's all going a statement from a spokesperson Robert wood Johnson university hospital said quote the safety of our staff and patients is our highest priority similar to health systems across the country PP is a vital resource and conservation is essential in managing large scale outbreaks like covert nineteen end quote Robert Kavanagh wrote that if at any time a mask gets wet toward visibly soiled or hard to breathe through it should be removed and replaced he said their policy remains consistent with the CDC guidelines and is evaluated daily I'm Steve casting ballots optimistic business leaders and furloughed workers are itching to get back to work at eleven before the our correspondent Clayton Neville says a task forces meeting in Texas to work on a set of recommendations for restarting the economy Texas lieutenant governor Dan Patrick's been outspoken for weeks about the significance of getting back to business in America small businesses are ready to get open big businesses are ready people already go back to work Americans are hard workers taxes are hard workers and they want to get back to it and so far you know the numbers in tech to look good but we have to do everything we can the rest of April on social distancing washing the hands everything that you've heard over and over again has been working his sentiments were shared by other Texans during the public comment portion of a Dallas County commissioners court meeting they're not here to Alan and heather mills unemployment is not the answer Patrick says the process of re opening business and boosting the economy will be more involved than simply flicking a switch he's meeting with members of the business community as part of his new task force for the best ways to approach that process what they're going to do is recommend to me what we should do how we should go about opening up the economy when we do get recommendations from certain businesses what they would like to see and how they think they can help he says he's open to a variety of suggestions anything from do we think businesses should take temperatures from people when they come into their office or come into restaurants should restaurants be allowed to reopen with at least maybe a third of the table so they can social distancing people all types of ideas the governor says it's up to the president and his state's governor win business can get back to normal but hopes it'll be early next month I'm clicking now the Tokyo Olympic flame has been taken off public display in Japan it's not clear when it will reappear again the Tokyo Olympics are postponed until next year yesterday in Japan prime minister Ave declared a state of emergency that includes limiting large crowds indefinitely nine till the NFL is where we pick up in sports with Robert workman with the first NFL draft of the twenties coming up in two weeks pro football's all decade team of the teens was announced this week honoring the top fifty ten players of the past ten years plus two head coaches eight players were unanimous selections quarterback Tom Brady running back Adrian Peterson tackle Joe Thomas and guard marshal Yanda on offense defensive end J. J. watt defensive tackle Aaron Donald linebacker von Miller and kicker Justin Tucker that's probably a list of future hall of Famers one player was chosen twice Darren Sproles selected as a punt returner and flex player on offense used at multiple positions Sproles is the fourth player to receive dual honors joining Mel great Dante hall and Dion Sanders in that select group the two head coaching selections bill Belichick whose patriots made the playoffs all ten years went to five super bowls and won three of them double check becomes just the second head coach after Pittsburgh's Chuck Noll to make two different all decade teams the other coaching not went to Pete Carroll who see all twenty eight seasons and took home one Vince Lombardi trophy racing nominees for the NASCAR hall of fame class of twenty twenty around a new system this year as voters choose to from a list of ten names in the modern category and one of five pioneer candidates among the nominees are Dale Earnhardt junior Jeff Burton and Carl Edwards each of whom won more than twenty top level races voting is typically done the week before the coca Cola six hundred on Memorial Day Sunday but that hasn't been officially set NASCAR still plans to resume racing on may ninth and with all of sports in a jumble these days a bit of familiarity to the overhauled golf calendar with the masters which would have started today moved to November the Houston open has rescheduled to November fifth through the eighth the tournament had been held the week before the masters since two thousand seven but was relegated to the fall this year after losing shells as primary sponsor now as luck would have it Houston will be the last tune up for Augusta one more time that's Thursday sports all right seven till when we return on America in the morning.

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