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But when i think about could it have been better with a different producer. I'm gonna say would have In nineteen eighty else. Cooper kind of started what was known as the blackout era and Put out flush the fashion produced by roy. Thomas baker who was kinda hot on the heels of working with queen the cars and kinda. Had you know this kind of thin pop ish. You know style of doing albums and he definitely brought that to this one. And i think it was an intentional decision for alice to pick him as the producer of this because he wanted to compete with punk new wave which yes. That was the ethos of that of those genres was to basically strip everything down to nothing. And i do love songs on this record. Don't get me wrong. I think pain and clones like two of the best songs ever did sure. Rim facts is an awesome song Even like model citizen yes. Aspirin damages goofiest fuck. But i love it but it's a it's a great record so don't get me wrong about that. This is an album where i wish bob. Azran was still on board and would have brought his production value to this album because he knew how to beef up guitars. And and make cordell passages more powerful and and there's enough dramatic stuff on here on this album too especially with. Could you imagine bob. As producing pain sounded really cool. And i i just think it's It's one of those. Things weren't hindsight. I'd like to hear what would have done with it for the time it came out. It's it's perfect for what it is. Because he was trying to do that. Whole new wave. Punkish thing but to me. I'd love to hear bob azran. Remix this record himself and kind of beef up everything and do a modern version of it. That's pretty interesting. Because i think the blackout era around here amongst us is kind of revered. We like those albums from that weird period of alice cooper's career and when we originally talked about doing this i actually pick ten and didn't realize we're picking five and i did have alice cooper on there and but instead of that one i went with special forces but same thing i wanted to come back and do special forces because i kind of like flush the fashion the way it is. You know i like that. That's what he was going for. And i think they were able to achieve it because clones is. You know that's a weird album but it's not by far it's not the worst album of the blackout era. And i think i think special forces is one of the worst things alice cooper. Ever come out with so. I think that's the one bob israel comes back and fixes but i don't necessarily disagree with yours either because i think in that blackout era as we seen because i think the last thing bob done with them was what. Welcome to my nightmare. No wa- was it lace and whiskey whiskey right..

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