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Was actually supporting remotely from home. So because of the pandemic Ah, large majority of our team is actually working remotely. And Alejandro Meagles and Martine, who went viral after his daughter shared with the World Alejandro's reaction to the moment when perseverance landed on Mars table. Yeah, Being a home my wife next to me. I was more free to actually be part of the experience than in the previous for landings that I was in the control room in the more rigid settings because you're doing a job on, so I think that's also play a role in my being able to Celebrate the great success of perseverance landing. Years producer saying that Don't Leonidas Junior, bringing us their stories. Deanna through Hell was working late at NASA's JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California the night before the perseverance Rover would finally touched down on the surface of Mars. That night. I think it was their only reflecting on that reflecting also my family and understanding how far we have gotten us humanity and recognizing that everybody is gonna get to see what we're about to do on Mars. Flight director for the rover. Deanna knew that in just a couple of hours should be a part of history..

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