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The enter spaced short dramatic repeats don't worry you don't need to remember that what is important is that it's a process that bacteria used to defend themselves against viruses they fictive lee memorize pizza the viruses dna then when the virus next attacks the bacteria can edit or cia shop out the offending dna and kill the virus in 2012 to scientists realized that these bacteria were able to recognize just about any sequence of dna and occur to them that it in have to be the dina viruses it could be the dna of human genes are our tomato genes or whatever gene you wanted then they found that they could taylor chris molecules to cut any piece of dna that they wanted remember the dna were document well rather than blindly searching through six billion letters we've now got a powerful search and replace function scientists can chop out gene all part of the dna sequence and replace it with other dna it's not perfect bus compared to what they had before it drastically less expensive so it's just dramatically accelerated things and it's allowed scientists to trial things they wouldn't otherwise because it is a cheap cheapen quick and so far chris appears to work with any living material humans animals plants chris behr has really changed everything i i expert witness has explained how the discovery of christopher revolutionize the field of gene editing bringing what was once sciencefiction much closer to being science fact but the some it's driving nightmares literally one of the women who discovered christopher was thrilled when she realized that she had found a new way to manipulate dna but after wild that thrilled turned jiang's zaidi and actually she started having bad dreams at night because she was worried that she had unleashed a power that humanity might not be able to control and that might lead to terrible things part to the cutting and pasting edge in arlon l'institut we have people making circle mini brian's bill our second expert witness is robin level badge a scientist working at the francis creek institute for biomedical research center in london when you say lab we have people making many brian completely blown my mind.

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