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In to P. B. S. Palm Beach sheriff's office helicopters also were seen following the S. U. V. I and then of course of the Florida department law enforcement they'll investigate the shooting will determine which agency actually fired the shots and you know why it was determined that shots needed to be fired here but I get what what's the story here is does this have anything to do with trump or we dealing with like maniacal drugged out maniac you look at the number of incursions that've occurred at Mar a Lago and there has been you know clearly an up tick yeah we've had the two Chinese of the the one Chinese woman I think it's been two Chinese women that have truck to breach security the one that made a way all the way in and of course she was found guilty she's going to prison for some months but you know again president trump is due to arrive and I don't know it it's any time now I believe the president is doing a touchdown at Palm Beach International Airport a P. B. I. shortly before the weekend for Superbowl weekend on Saturday the president's fan club the trump bands not making this up they're holding its party at the southern White House at Mar a Lago I headliner Roseanne Barr is going to be there on Sunday the president is expected to host his annual Superbowl party at is west Palm Beach golf club but here we go here's a it was Eugene Chang thirty three year old from China and she bypassed and she social engineer away right in tomorrow log on of course she had Chinese passports and cell phones external hard drives a thumb drive and she was convicted then and December another Chinese woman jingle low was confronted by security so you know we've had numerous incidents now Antonio mora log at quicken loans are seventeen.

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