Antoine, Mr. Bentley, President Trump discussed on AP 24 Hour News


Always wanna see, mommy. And in her one day, I think I'm cool, right? Dementia, L talking with entertainment tonight. She's forty eight a new documentary about boxing great. Muhammad ALI'S coming out on HBO from director Antoine. Few kwa. Would he makes me feel inspiration? He also makes me feel an adequate, because he chief so much so young he was gonna retire. He was thirty eight or something he was retired Ukwa and last call with Carson Daly. He's fifty four and last week's live broadcast of a classic episode of the jeffersons included, Stephen kobetski as Mr. Bentley. He's also on the net flicks. Relaunch of one day at a time, which he says, is brought him before a whole new audience. My Twitter has blown up the stat the word that the young kids are using hausky on US TV he's sixty eight and that's our birthday round up for may thirtieth. I'm Bob Kessler. The Muller report explained I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute special counsel, Robert Muller says he did not exonerate President Trump, but says a process other than the criminal Justice system would be needed. To accuse the sitting president are Tucker reports he made very clear that although the Justice department cannot charge a sitting president, there is nothing that stops congress from deciding how or whether to hold the president to account. Now, the White House responded, I'm for everybody to move on. House speaker Nancy Pelosi though, says nothing is off the table, a tragic ending to a missing child case. In Logan, Utah. Police say that Lizzie Shelley's has led authorities to her body. There's tornado damage in Texas today, after twisters roll through an area south of Dallas, just one injury reported. What is amazing recovery? Alex jeopardy, host Alex trebek's? His doctor say he's almost in remission from.

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