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Prosecuting attorney Wesley bell defeated longtime prosecutor Bob McCulloch bell join total. Information AM last hour and was asked if he would reopen the case of. Former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson bell did not indicate he has any. Plans for that. There's too close to the relationship between the prosecutor's. Office and the police, department and so therefore you need I a special prosecutor but I'll take. It a step further, I think we also meet the we also have the need. To be transparent that is bell talking specifically in general about. Cases of police shootings not specifically about the Darren Wilson case he says he'll put a, policy, together and make it public so everyone knows what the county's policies. Are, on police, shootings just over eleven hundred votes decided the fate of Steve stinger in the democratic primary for. Saint Louis county executives staying or beat Mark montavani to move. On to the November election however montavani, says he. Plans to challenge those results Missourians overwhelmingly said no to prop a right to work a. Big victory for unions, the Republican effort would have enacted new laws limiting union power Jack. Cardi is a, spokesman for, we are MO a group that asked voters to say no they voted against proposition eight because they wanted to protect their own. Hey I mean I think most was earning saw right through this. Cynical attempt to lower their wages and benefits Democrats picked Claire mccaskill Republicans chose. Josh holy to square off Off in November's general. Election for US Senate here's holy at his victory party reserve Clear. Message to the Washington establishment always do To.

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