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Welcome back I've got bill kates. It's the referral coach on the line. Hey Bill how are you. I'm doing great my hair you I am awesome awesome great to have you on the show. You are an all star when it comes to relationship relationship marketing and all things and in helping organizations really figure out that ever lasting challenge of how do I get the clients and and it's all about relationships. So tell us your backstory. How you got into the business and you know one of the common mistakes you see many of us Happen in in do when we're we're trying to grow businesses through marketing shirl. I've been On my own businesses businesses for over over forty years and had a couple of book publishing companies. They sold those businesses eventually and was looking for the next thing to do and I just liked the idea of of learning and and synthesizing and then sharing what I learned with are the people. So I got into this business of consulting and writing and speaking and coaching and All geared towards helping folks grow their business through referrals introductions How we talk about our value proposition in all those aspects that that I kind of put under the banner of relationship marketing? Because it's all about the relationship and it doesn't mean that you know digital marketing can't fit under under relationship marketing. It can if you do it. The Right Way Without question and the biggest mistake I think one of the biggest mistakes that I see it is a lot of business. Owners and professionals are not focused and dedicated and committed to bringing hanging in their new business based on how their prospects their clients would prefer to meet them. Now there is. We get enamored with social media. We get enamored with all kinds of ideas But having someone really WanNa meet US right Are they really gonNA WANNA meet us to facebook AD. That won't maybe you know I mean it can work So that's one of the biggest ones. And then I guess the other one in an off shut up on this locally of mine is that in a lot of folks confuse or when. Something's not working as well as they'd like it to be working. The first thing they do is they just they throw more tactics at the situation. You know maybe I need to do this or that. But when really could be strategy and the principles they're following aren't right sound in the first place so there's a two two main things icy yeah. There's a lot of gold in there. We'll dive into some of those things. You know the the last thing you had mentioned about okay. Something's not working all right. Let's just throw some stuff at a a good analogy that I use a lot of times as you. You have a house and you have a leaky roof. So what what you do is the proper way to do it is strip off the shingles get down to the woods. See if Thor's problems with the would Replace either you know a few of the beams or maybe after place the whole roof To address the leak take but you know the example you gave is basically well. We'll just put more shingles on and that'll stop it and next thing you know you've got like five layers ears of shingles and you still have a problem. You've got something that underneath a still isn't working you. You've got all this extra stuff. That's not helping anything anything at all. And it's I think that's a communist state that a lot of businesses make is they they think well. This is the way to do it. I'm going to do it. FACEBOOK ADS for example. Okay I'm GonNa just go crazy on facebook ads and spend a bunch of money on it without really knowing who their who their client truly is in love. Love the analogy you gave this. How does your customer want to be reached? DO THEY WANNA be reached face to face. Phone Call Postcard facebook Eh over coffee storefront could be a lot of different things but putting all your eggs in into one basket and expecting all of of your customers to be there when you may not even know if they go there is Is a big thing and I think. A lot of people have made Mr Doc Berg very very wealthy because of you know adds that quite frankly didn't work because they weren't targeted in the right way and the main you know for some cases they may not be the right platform for people to be advertising on in the first place his true so when when you encounter a business that is struggling with their marketing and they've got a rock solid product or service that make sense. It's like yeah. This should do well in the marketplace place. What are some of the first things you do to kind of help them have a little bit more awareness on what they should be approaching in some in different techniques that they should really be open to and engaging you know potential clients then obviously strengthening the the client relationships they already have? Yeah the first thing I I I look at is that the match of the product service to the market You know e- is have they pick the right market. Who Do they have a well? Defined market is too broad You know a lot of businesses. Make the mistake of thinking or airing on the side of being broader Not Wanting to give up some segments of the market. But the problem is when you do that it actually weakens is your value. Proposition weakens your messaging. And so you end up having week messaging that's not as targeted and is not as successful. Now it doesn't mean you you can't go after a broad market but usually you want to defy at divide your market into subdivisions. And so you don't go after everybody not all the same way And it's almost little business units within your business so that's the first thing I look at is are they matching the right product with the right market. Get what's the problem they solve and I would I remember. I'm writing a new book now around this and I I was talking to a very successful venture. Capitalists the getting Michael Scott in In the Boston area. And he says to me says what do you think is that the number one failure of of Of small businesses and feeling kind of cocky is world you know not having the right market. He says not the second reason I guess again. I said I don't eat tummy's not knowing what problem they solve or not solving a big enough problem and and if the problem isn't big enough isn't urgent. Enough is in critical enough so he makes distinction between an aspirational problem. Critical problem and a lot of times were were you know when we Market to opportunities. There's usually a problem underlying an opportunity. But it's aspirational it's nice to do. It's not much to do but when you have a product service that's targeted towards critical. The problems. Things that must be solved is a timeline to it. There's some government regulations. Whatever you're in a much stronger position so I look at what problem you know? Is this business trying to solve. Is it a critical problem. And the other thing I look at is does the does the customer the Perspective customer summer. No they have the problem because if they don't know they have the problem now. You're doing what MICA calls missionary selling. It's it's you got to go deeper. I mean you can't do it you can but you've got to find ways to quickly exposed that problem so you have someone who's going to stay with you and and talk to you about it but it you know if you haven't What he would call a A latent aspirational problem right. They don't know they have it and it's not really that critical. You're going nowhere. So are you solving the right problem. Is it a big enough problem. nuts one of the things that that we like to talk about to as you know a lot of business. The owners are enamored with their product and service. And that's okay. There's nothing wrong with that. But because of that they they see everything through their own is not through their prospects or customers is and sa- crucial thing and many of us consultants will get into a business because they brought us in to help Alpe with a problem and we get in there and we lift up the Rock and we look underneath that rock and we go. ooh Wow and it's it's our it's our duty to bring to their attention but and do it in a way where it's not like you said you know missionary selling but it's okay. Yes we're here on this but I've discovered this and based on my experiences when you address this it will correct at these other things as well. DO WE WANNA look at this now or should we finish what you brought me four and then we can circle back to this at some point. Unless there's something in there that would make your work next to impossible to accomplish. Because of whatever's festering underneath this rock then again you you circa will let you modify the scope a bit because the last thing you want to do and it does you know bring you know. Some bad will basically to a lot of consultants says they'll go in and they'll say up. We're going to go in and do this but we know they've got this and will will up. Solomon we'll beat will be set for a while and that's that's not that's it's not the way to go about business and it doesn't. It doesn't get you referrals. It doesn't and that's again you know. One of the you know the best. The best forms of of advertising in my opinion is referrals because it builds in the know like entrust factor and when you get a referral from a business they go. Oh well if if if they're dumb enough to hire you. I guess I'm dumb enough to so yeah. I definitely want to dive into the on the referral side of things. You know in the things I find about that is it. It cuts through a lot of the investigative things when you get a referral from a colleague colleague or a similar organization. That's you know has some challenges earlier or issues that your organization does so how. How do you coach coach businesses to give you the right referral? And that's a big thing. 'cause I've got referrals from time to time and and you know sometimes I feel like okay. You gave me a referral to teach us individual how to Ballroom dance and I can barely do left left to right So I'm not the right person for this but you know how do you. How do you coach people on on the fine art of referrals? In what what. What's the best way is to you know to one to get them and and also to to provide them sure? Well there's there's a lot you put in there and we got unpacked so You know the first thing you ask was how do you make sure you get referred to the right people and That's all about teaching teaching your referral source Of who you serve the best and so first of all number one you better know that Who deserves the best? Who is your persona? Who is your ideal client in a book? Come running now I call it a right fit client and so knowing who you serve the best knowing who you're trying to to To pursue if you will attract your business is is critical and you WanNa teach your referral sources because.

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