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The the how for it how can be a wall can pass the studio waiver knows but only meant to be in your box now yes i said i saw and i'm quick peru but what it not be sensible to get a quick group before we go live on air that will be like me going skimmed i myself capacity and leave ago yeah for your own number saudi yourself it keys downs he sentence which share how you alfi yeah good so what covered taste unfilled you out last night sunday night of coastal how you though you out to get up for work did you go out i did actually go to the pub for a couple yes i was working yesterday as wreck on russell branch i i went all world you yeah yeah he tweeted a picture of you he said this is al fay oh yeah it was quite funny but yes i did that and then i went for a couple of points to celebrate joe already so russell show starts at eleven o'clock eleven and finishes at one o'clock so wannacry so you went to the public about a minute past one 10 minutes even if you add he went locally round hero you went home uh i went to their souls perry shelf spree so literally a pub spitting distance from work at sunday afternoon at one o'clock not with low batteries about three three and when you out saturday now fry i was there is a right of saturday hours here are that it will die.

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