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Dot com It's for 13 for 50 years a Mount Rainier based group has been ministering to gay Catholics otherwise shunned by their church It's mostly earned them condemnation from leaders of the faith they've tried to share but things might be evolving New ways ministry reached out to Pope Francis last year more or less asking for affirmation about their work in the name of Catholicism And thus began a series of letters Sister jeanine Graham is one of the founders of new ways ministry Cardinal Gregory has said we seem to be pen pals She says she spent 50 years trying to serve as a living example of the lessons Jesus teaches in the gospel Reaching out to the poor those who are on the fringes those who are marginalized The most recent letter from the Pope thanked her for those 50 years of work We get a lot of commendations but not from people so high up in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church So he couldn't go much higher than the Pope John doeman Hundreds of Afghan refugees are moving off military bases and into our communities He spoke with one family about the challenges they are up against Of course when you first come to the United States it's overwhelming 36 year old muskan is easy arrived in Northern Virginia with her husband and son in July last year as the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was unraveling Afghanistan our court ruled the embassy put her in touch with the Lutheran immigration and refugee service where she now works helping resettle some 700 families since the summer We are able to serve these families by providing cultural orientation helping them enroll their children in public schools allowing them the workforce development and mentoring they need to land that first job Kris omarov ignored our runs which just opened an office in Alexandria and posted an online wish list for donors find it a WTO dot com Megan clarity WTO news Look at sports on the way Sports at 15 and 45 Powered by Red River Technology decisions aren't black and white Think red Now to.

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