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Yet it's said Win custody think how you pronounce it okay. And it in a second cup was against england so obviously a black player come into play against england mid the news and this is where we started getting comparisons and joy of very very respected journalist concluded. That will kind of much of the happening in england because of the the these assets are deficiencies but players have recording was rejected by arsenal. Because it wasn't inara ice off seventy stereo type of because the recruiting was very clear. The the the stick the e e did i mean people kicking kicking him to bits. And ron nord's chris policies will chairman. He concluded that players didn't really have any resilience and the world is bright as white players. And yet you look at the outfield player. That's mid more league appearances anybody in history. And it's tony fold. Who's black under Aggress left from. Bob did bizarrely so in not listed ninety two. So many chris kamara seven hundred games. We've anderson seven hundred games. Tony cunningham seven hundred games a lot. Lots and lots of them but some have concluded that they went. Resilient quite incredible tony collins. He was one of the i. In fact i thought he was the first black plight supply roj dow it was certainly one of the first managers wasn't only collins and still worked in the game because ron was about. It was still skating. Manchester united city named is and. I'm almost certain that it terry coronet said to. Tony advocate these Mason greenwood need took him to manchester. You know it. I would yet bombing. He was the very first black manager. He did very well in the league. Cup final and in the fourth division. But again that's the craft on every interview new. Why on the mold. Black managers in the that was just a regular subject of discussion and win. Vannerson dirksen took over at barnsley in nineteen ninety-three he was one of two black manages at the time And he thought well. This is the beginning the challenge and yet while we twenty years later and then really got many more than two blood manages now so that the again not kind of defies logic when you look at the percentage of black players on the pitch and then you look at the out just isn't reflected now. It is strange run but again the so many players that don't bother put it in for jobs and tc terry coda regular podcasts. Return terriers putting for hundreds of jobs to be a manager and gotten no reply. Allinson was turned down by fulham and that and also Stoke city when sadly the chairman. That guy valor notes in the managerial job. At stoke seats a dolly. The morning of his appointment foot frank worthington remember franken. Got the gig at tranmere. Bobby charlton god. Sometimes people themselves people can't and sometimes it's offered get into football familiar and working as all do with So many former professional footballers it really is a difficult time to get into in a managerial capacity. Who was the first black player to be rejected by england because that's a remarkable story nissan raleigh other. That was jock leslie back. Nine hundred twenty five at plymouth they were in the third division south then but i mean not the division pavane picked for england. But when you look at the england team he was picked full. I think five of the players in the debut full of them. Well how much is one of the nether pitiful kevin his life. He was not team of muramatsu..

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