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See this of saying it's catey hill little too pc this whole thing here now this is a producer at one of the star wars produces proposing a hollywood commission zero tolerance for harassment the only problems if you start this commission there'll be no nobody left they'll be two people lenten hollywood then as this guy rosenberg who put out this very strong piece he said everybody knew everybody knew everything about this and they did nothing they're all sanctimonious now hey carrie fisher there was a producer it wasn't her but it was irs friend the screenwriter heather robinson she was harassed is kind of a harvey weinstein deal by another producer so carrie fisher sent the guy a beautiful tiffany box with a tongue in it a big on and said this'll be you next if you ever do that again who's who your touch my friend heather again this will either be this or something else of yours in a much smaller bucks now won't where did you get the tongue she apparently went to jerry's famous belly and got a cows tongue but that's that goes on hannam read all these facebook post from women just regular mounted business women and all these stories well when they were sixteen when they were a teammate ms happened on a job and how traumatic it was ensured apparents now talk to their daughters about this prepare them for this should they have it was doing so yeah yes so uh and it goes on all over the place and to who's on your figure lease olympian aly she was talking about these nightclub owners and other comedians will tell you you know you're can comedy clubs this is not a corporation with the human resources department uh the legal the so nightclub owned by one guy so stuff goes on and all these places i mean many of them are fine people and run a good club but sometimes i mean the stuff happens so what do we do about all.

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