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Meanwhile, Southampton shave long sports passive school in Premier League history. Breaking just six seconds into the match as a saints in Waterford played. Well, one all draw Liverpool announcing a three match toward the United States this summer playing friendlies between July nineteenth and twenty four th facing. Russia Dorman at Notre Dame stadium then severe at Fenway park before a match in Yankee Stadium against sporting c p South African two-time grand slam runner up. Kevin Anderson will sit out the clay season due to a lingering right elbow injury. The number six ranked Anderson will miss the French Open and has only played ten matches. So far in two thousand nineteen big trade in the NFL just two days away from the start of the two thousand nineteen draft as a Seattle Seahawks have dealt defensive and Frank Clark to the Kansas City Chiefs for their first round pick twenty nine overall along with the lower the chiefs. Two two thousand twenty second round selections. The teams also swapped third picks this year Clark, then agreed to a five year one hundred and five and a half million dollar deal with Kansas City, including sixty three and a half million guaranteed. Phoenix Suns firing coach or Kokoska after just one season. The NBA first European born head coach when nineteen sixty three in the year. Type of the second worst record in the league. The sons are expected interview Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers assistant Monty Williams on Dan Forsman. That's your Bloomberg NBC world sports update. Markets headlines and breaking news twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg dot com. The Bloomberg business app junk on Twitter. He's a Bloomberg business flash. Seventeen past the hour. We're seeing a little bit of up action across the APEC reaching right now. The Nikkei is a head three tenths of one percent. The end stable against the dollar at one eleven eighty two. We're going.

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