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First term. We have a great one coming three great ones. You know, many presidents have had none. Think of it. And me their worst nightmare. Judging me Cockney Barrett is expected to be confirmed by the Senate tomorrow. Trump previously appointed Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. An attorney in Florida has been arrested for allegedly robbing banks were able to apprehend the individual safely without any incident. The FBI has arrested attorney Aaron Honaker in Miami. A detective reportedly arrested Honaker right before he was about to hit another bank. He had a hammer demand notes and admitted the TD bank was next on his list. And the Dodgers fell apart in a late loss to the raise. The Dodgers were one strike away from victory when reliever Kenley Jansen want Randi Russell Raina on a full count pitch to put runners at 1st and 2nd Brett Phillips single homer run and an error by Dr Centerfielder Kris Taylor allowed arose Serena to score the game winner in Tampa Bay's 87 victory, tying the world Syriza two games apiece. Manager Dave Roberts on moving on. It's a tough one. This is this is, you know it's tough, and we got a Digested, but we've turned page. Now it's three game series and we've got plenty going tomorrow and our focus has to turn to win tomorrow. Tomorrow is today and Game five gets underway at 508 P. M. Bill Seward Ko Phi new baseball fans driving at that time could listen to the game on Am 5 70 Sports and on the I. Heart Radio APP. Gotta crash in Riverside on the 2 15. North bound side at university Fatal crash Two left lanes blocked there, trying to clear off to the shoulder. Three alto he's found side of the 2 10 at Alder. Fatal Crash investigation Looks like they're only letting traffic by through the center divider and in Glen Helen Cones are up. 15 south between Glen Helen Parkway and Sierra on Ly the left lane open until noon. That's backing me up from Ken Hood, Ko Phi, and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm.

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