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Place for what it would be his second baiting at Manchester City. Right now, he's in the middle off renewal off this world while talking of Barcelona. They've got tough match this week and they take on Atletico Madrid tomorrow in the league. Athletico will be without Luis Suarez up against his former side so vast will be breathing a sigh of relief. They're buying the first up tomorrow in the Bundesliga they take on Verda Bremen. It's a tennis cycle, which is so far eluded him join his illustrious career. Can you believe it? Ruffling a dull reached the last four of the season ending 80 Pete or finals here in London. He got through from his last group game at the expense of defending champion Greek player. It's the final 60 past the world number one Novak Jackovich plays Alexander's Vera in the other group in a winner takes all match for a place in the semifinals later on today week 11 has started in the NFL. The Thursday night game saw the Seattle Seahawks make it seven wins and three defeats for the season. One against the Arizona Cardinals on a baseball line for you to finish off the Chicago Cubs have announced that Wrigley Field was designated as a national historical landmark by the U. S. Secretary of the Interior. David Bernhardt. Fenway Park, which is home of the Boston Red Sox, is the only other major baseball league stadium with National Historic Landmark status. Mork Lobel Sports news and stories as ever. You can follow all the action. Over the weekend at BBC dot com Forward slash spot way will indeed thank you, James Group now.

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