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Of headline, traffic and weather together. And then a visit with Mike belco from podcast. Coming right up. Minnesota Vikings yesterday cut ties with their kicker Daniel Carlson after he went over for three on field goals against Green Bay. You know, the replacing them with baileigh, Dan Bailey. And if it sounds familiar, he's only these second most accurate kicker in NFL history. And thank God. Somebody finally picked him up because I drafted him in my fantasy league. And haven't been able to use them because he hasn't been playing still not over the fact that the Cowboys made that move well. I don't understand it either. Second most accurate kicker in NFL history. Now, some reports were that he had some some problems leg problems like pulled hamstrings and stuff like that. And wanted three million dollars, which really isn't a lot for the second most accurate kicker in NFL history. But they got the new guy the rookie. But sure it didn't cost them that much and speaking of kickers Cleveland Browns, sign rookie kicker Greg Joseph yesterday to replace Zangari solace who missed not one not two not three but four attempts at kicks it cost the team eight point eight three point loss on Sunday. Coordinator have been tied again. He had one job. So they're going they picked up a rookie. Greg Joseph says it's got to be better than what they had. They could have won that game. Sunday had their kicker just hit half of those four two extra points. That's your extra points needed extra point. And a field goal would have done it for him. But kickers who would have thought kickers in this league would be at such a premium right now. Who who thought all right charity? What else is going on? The Barry county DA says he has ditching the DA after his name and his leaving the Democratic Party. It's election day in parts of San Antonio. And today's vote could have clues to the November midterms a teen who police say was riding on the roof of a car was rushed to the hospital after she fell off in the car rolled over her people who want to take the train or fighting for more Amtrak.

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