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Mustaches on shit like that all elicited days and but first coffee although that's the popular if you like now those ones and the We caught Keep calm whatever on the keep curse still gonna do another. They're going to do another sherlock holmes or so they say that i like both sherlock holmes movies that they did. I like the theme song for those movies would close danny elfin. I'm just imagining the theme. Song being headstrong. Now he's also going to be in Jamie fox is movie star weekend way. What say again. Robert downey junior is going to be an all star weekend from jamie foxx payment like the actual all star rican. Absolutely tow truck drivers maliki play by jamie foxx. Jeremy fox did say jeremy. Because also danny played by jeremy piven who are basle fanatics and worship their respective favorite players. Were brown and steph curry. danny's girlfriend abby is reconsidering a relationship. She does not want to take a backseat to his obsession. He likes lebron that much. Like the wife divorced him The tim drivers finally get a break from their dead end job when they win tickets to the nba. All star game in route to the big game. Lincoln danny meet the beautiful mysterious asia played by eva longoria. Who might have her own hidden agenda after many twists and turns the guys find themselves their heroes in a precarious life or death situation. So when you first the first part of that plot. I was like this. Sounds like a remake of the nineteen ninety-six american comedy film written by judd appetite. Colin quinn Celtic pride But it did not but then that got me thinking man. It's been thirty years since i've seen celtic. The ending made it sound like celtic pride again. They're in a precarious situation with lebron steph. Curry also starring in the movie You have floyd mayweather junior. dj french. Montana benicio del toro as dr phil a tattoo artist. Okay i love that. Well robert butler nass ticks and then robert downey junior as a mexican. Oh boy oh. He's getting back into that game we'll remember. There's a very very viral Joe rogan interview between jamie fox. And joe rogan. He talks about robert downey junior tropic thunder side. I absolutely imagine that that is tied in some sense and then terrence terrell is playing. Lebron james harden. I love i love that. Who likes what if it's a crossover. And zachary levi's in this adds kurt warner with meat. He's playing jr. Who's playing lebron. What's the name terrance. Tyrel terrence terrell..

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