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I don't want that to sound selfish a negative you don't care about the school obviously do i'm trying to win every game that i coach but it's more about these kids and i i would say coach are ma you and i kinda deal with it the same way reno when we lose we don't take do you don't take it personal when someone chooses another school you get disappointed but i don't take a personal do you know no i don't take it personal you know it's a free will it's a free will decision that that the families have and the and the youngsters have and it's a free will decision that we have and and choosing who you know who who we bring here and that's our job to to to to go after the best of the best but no and it's not something that that you take personally because you know that they're doing what's what they think is is best for their family i i know if they if they come here that they're going to be happy but it's a free world decision in in you have great respect for that process and the thing i always like about you and respect about you and and this is where i think we're most the same is that once we do go down that path once they do go down to path and they they come to the come to your team or my team it's this is for life we're going down this path together you know all my friends are your friends all my contacts or your contacts and and whether they're whether they're your school for one year or two years or here for three years or for four years it lasts is is it lasts the whole path and and i know you're invested that way and and we are the same way here that's the trusting the guys coach that transferred from here and i haven't had many but they stay in touch one young man was calling me what should i do should i put my name in the draft i said look you can't ask me you got to talk to your coach you gotta talk you can't talk to me about that but again i'm you're right in in them choosing to leave here you know i'm not it's it's for them in their families now i may say i'm not sure you're making the right movement i'm going to support you and and you're right and i try it's hard though in this profession wherein i want everyone on my staff to think the way we all think which is this about these kids and at the end of the day whatever decisions we make when we practice what we're doing everything is not based on what's easiest for us it's what is the best thing for these kids we're going through something in college basketball that i am right now on an ad hoc committee and and there's a commission that's together right now about college basketball and i i've gotta tell you i i just sent out a tweet that in and i sent it out because i read something that i saw from i'm gonna pull it up here in a sec that i saw from winston churchill his quote the politician thinks about the next election the statesman thinks about the next generation we're about to make decisions based on the next generation of young people in our business and of basketball this isn't about the business basketball it's about their how are we going to set up the next generation of young basketball academic young person that's eighteen hour we going to sit up that next generation what are we what's it gonna look like for them not me not the program kentucky you'll be fine michigan's going to be fine but what about them and when i saw that quote today i thought wow let's not be politicians let's be statesman let's let's figure out ahead of this not something we're going to do something that.

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