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Sometimes if there's not a lot of sales of about two years how many how much per square foot and southside northside those kinds of. And i got a call out of the blue and goes like japan's george them thinking george and he said i'm on the fourteenth florence like oh. I realized that the condo. So because i owned in the building he thought i lived there anyway. That's fine wasn't trying to mislead owned the building. Bubalo and i actually watched the building being built so i'm familiar with the building and i ended up selling his his place. I've gone onto to sell others as well so that was a bit of a surprise. But yeah so i do a letter two cards Sometimes i'll send a newsletter. Somebody articles are relevant to condos on this letter as well and have you done anything events personal things like that or is it more just off off i. I've given things away at their christmas party or holiday party. And and then the this past christmas things with covert always having parties untouched with the person in charge of the hospitality. So we're going to have a raffle. So i donated two or three. I think it was three food. Baskets nicer gourmet things that they could raffle off to to people in the building. So i'm quite well known in the building like they'll get on the elevator. Say they're real sick so it's been kind of fun again. Make it about give. Don't expect kind of go from there often. I wanna ask you about the financial side of it because a lot of people choke when it comes to spending money in their farm and they to spend money. Have you tracked how much you're spending in popeye's and those can be expensive depending on on what you're doing versus kind of return you're getting are. Have you tracked how long it's taken to get a return. Well sometimes it's hard. Like how do you calculate the on relationship you know so like one woman. I know. I should over the pumpkin. Then i paid to fifty four dr door and she said oh coming command next year. I'm gonna be ninety. I think it's time to sell. It wasn't the pumpkin. It was the fact that i build relationships to give you an idea for my top tompkins or about two fifty to seventy five a peace. I'll give away about seventy five of those so it's a few hundred dollars and then i spend about one hundred fifty dollars on strawberries blueberries and peaches and saw do jam and got about forty eight of strawberries. I got about forty small jars. Eight ounce jars and so yeah so you know three or four dollars a piece somewhere now. Christmas time i make mincemeat and which is more expensive and more time consuming as well. But i like doing it. So it's going to special people and you know my one. My one client was ninety. Four years old and she's your meats me tastes exactly like my mother's i well. It's a very old recipes so it could have been the same recipe. So yeah so i enjoyed doing it. So it's i don't worry about that so much i always tell. People don't confuse costs with value one hundred percent where my philosophy is. I was worked back and say what would it cost me to get a deal. And what are we going to spend. If i can keep doing it over and over again and they do that instead of just saying oh it costs me this okay if i could spend a thousand dollars and i could get a deal Then i would do that in two thousand whatever. It's going to to give you an idea that woman that did like realtors. I probably spend about twenty five dollars thirty on the chocolate so they bought her down and then over the years..

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