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I say well how do you. You're not being tricked. When you're in the experience i would say that if you are dealing with some extremely advanced race or some very powerful spiritual entity you don't have any way of knowing you're not being tricked and so taking everything it says at face value is it might be the right way to go but might not and you have no way of knowing which one of those is true is the right one. So it's it's it's it's difficult you know. Is it better to investigate the phenomenon from outside of it that also may not be it and we're up on another break here. Yeah this and the other option you know is. This is totally materialistic. Right nick the biological robot would tell us yeah like no. There's no spirit there's no spirit realm okay so going with that idea. Then we're just talking about agent aliens. Yeah i mean that's right. We're talking about technology indistinguishable from magic and so demons and all that kind of stuff. None of that's real. Which would mean that. The these occult practices all bs to right. And it's just you know it's it's but even that we'll get to it in in the last segment. But it's possible that the occult practices can still be a product of a totally mechanistic view of the universe. All right acknowledging they worked in Some of them might works. Get ladies and gentleman brothers of the serpent podcast. The final segment of the deconstruction of martyrs ufo entire six episode complex. I'm just kidding. So i think i've mentioned this briefly on the show before but there was a book i read. I think it's called skin walkers and this is the right book. It's by tony hillerman. That's called a mobile for a reason that your phone you'll have to leave it way over there away from your mind.

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