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One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time i'm not that much into watching football anymore tom brady can live up to that like if he were saying i'm one of the greatest quarterbacks ever would actually be true he can say a good point i i'm making football yeah pretty much the fact i'm not bragging knicks the new york times going high grudgingly and we have to admit it even though he's friends with trump exactly okay you can make that argument eight six six ninety redeye the dates and location for the thirty sixth annual shell rotella super eggs contest are set dave waterman from shell has the details we are going to be at white travel center in roofing virginia it's a little bit outside of lexington virginia right off i eighty one and i sixty four it was designed way back when the way for shell rotella to give back to the trucking community appreciation for all laid in and all the support of our brand it's an event that really encourages truckers to get together whether they're gonna show a show caliber truck or just their daily driver that might have some scratches and dings in it it's open to all of them in fact we encourage as you know in the working truck judging of course it's gonna take place thursday through saturday we're going to have a light contests.

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