President Trump, Indiana, Senator Joe Donnelly discussed on Kentuckiana's Morning News


Are looking into whether other people were involved in the shooting. But so far no arrests have been made he had sin NewsRadio eight forty W H A S six oh, two at News Radio. Eight forty W H ASU of L officials meeting with students over problems with on campus housing. The Sunday night, meet incoming after a student post a picture on social media showing mold and roaches and one of the dorms. The social media posts has been shared more than seventeen thousand times. School officials saying they're aware of the complaints and have addressed them. Police arrested. A man they say was intoxicated Saturday when he jumped on a horse and rode into the track entrance to Churchill Downs. And arrest report says twenty four year old Michael wells, Rhody, snuck into the restricted area of the track mounted a horse and wrote it into the track entrance during the Breeders Cup. Police found wells Rhody and asked him to leave but he refused. Mccain disorderly with officials wells Roti was taken to metro corrections in charge. With alcohol intoxication in a public place and disorderly conduct deleted chatman, NewsRadio eight forty W H A S, President Trump staying on the campaign trail right up until election day making his way to the south and midwest trying to boost support for Republican candidates. Meanwhile, the latest ABC news Washington Post poll shows democratic house candidates leading Republicans by fifty to forty four margin among likely voters. The president is closing out the midterm campaign with a mad. Dash campaigning today in Ohio, Indiana and Missouri over the weekend. President Trump touting his accomplishments and continue to fuel fear of what a democratic takeover of congress could look like, but for Democrats to win the Senate, they need to gain two seats, and that means winning in states. President Trump one states the president is focusing on. Stephanie Ramos ABC news, the capitol the president's Indiana. Stop will be in Fort Wayne today. Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly had a former president campaign. Pain for him and Gary yesterday. The.

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