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Show. Center with help you feel new again. Checking in at number five secretary of state, Mike palm pale in an interview on CNN still denies that. There's any direct evidence that links the Saudi Crown prince to the murder of Jamaica Shoghi, can you confidently tell us for children that he was not involved in that order. Sitting in an unclassified setting. Here's what I can say. I have read every piece of intelligence that is in the possession of the United States government. And when it is done when you complete that analysis. There's no direct evidence linking him to the murder Jamal Khashoggi. That is a accurate statement is an important statement. And it is the statement that we are making publicly today, why isn't important statement of all signs point to it in the intelligence community widely believes that even though you don't have these smoking gun that he was responsible about he's got the oil because he's guy and he's a good high, fiber and Mike Pompeo. You remember, Mike Pompeo ran the CIA. So was like, well, but you ran the organization that is pretty sure he did it did the CIA conclude with high confidence that he was involved can't comment on intelligence matters conclusions. I didn't do when I was the director. I'm not gonna do it now because you've seen all the reports in the media about them. I've seen lots of reports in the media wolf, they often are untrue. Does this one tells you it's true? He did write the op-ed for the Wall Street Journal explaining is much of his thoughts as he could saying that the Saudi partnership in relationship is vital to US interests. Here's the promise transcripts are coming out of a conversation that was had between the twin one of the guys involved in the murder and the haven't been salmon. Crown prince. Yeah. And that's a problem. And the the evidence is coming out into the public sphere now. And as the evidence comes out, it just becomes more and more clear that he did with it. And the question is really a political one in the United States. They're obviously is one for DNA to deal with the grief of the family of Tshimanga show. But. The political question. The US is why are we doing this? And is it is it really that important to continue to say to the Saudis who are not going to park their money anywhere else. I mean, the the idea as well, we'll lose all this business and the price of oil will go up with. Well. I mean, they could do that for any reason. That's just because we just because we let them get away with murder. Literally, this time doesn't mean in another couple of weeks. He doesn't try to get away with something else. And then you can do whatever you want. I don't think that previous administrations would have done this and worried about the consequences because where are they going to go? They're not going to go. Do it a nuke military arms deal somewhere else? They can't do it. It's not they've already bought our systems they'd have to buy all brand new systems from the Russians that aren't as good. It wouldn't work. You can't you're gonna buy new jets. They don't work with the jets that they currently have they'd have to give all you have to start all over again. And in terms of of oil they have to sell their oil. Right. It's not like they're not going to sell their oil and they want to market, but their money, and they're not going to choose a market other than the United States to be safe and to make money in. They got it. They have to come clean, and you have to ask for further reform if they are going to be that close vanilla. And we're going to go Salam airplanes. Do we want to sell our military arms to people who may one day not trying to kill our own soldiers with them? Logical piss number four. Don't get me started. Now, you've got me started that the bears are going to get you started. And you never get off the kind of come down from that. Former mayor of New York City and current attorney to the President Assad's Juliani a radio interview today, trashing, Robert Muller. Well, I think the special prosecutor stepped over the line out with the way he's intimidating people in order to tell what he believes is his version of the truth. You look at Mr. Manafort they've had them in solitary confinement for five to six months. I'd say and they have repeatedly questioned him, and they have told them they don't believe him. And they want him to give certain forms of evidence. That would implicate the president is Mr. metaphor says true. Mr. Manafort is accused of actually. Trying to get witnesses to change their story about him while he was actually already on when before they put him in jail awaiting sentencing now now he's been convicted before that they put them in jail before he went to trial because he was out there reaching out to witnesses and the trial trying to change your testimony. Really really going to really Paul Manafort is the hill you're going to die on Rudy Giuliani. Each one of those times he has told them I'm sorry. I can't tell you what you want to hear. So there's a point at which they're sending a terrible signal and ethical prosecutor would stop this pursue some line of of inquiry with other people affable. He's just saying what everybody else's said, there's no evidence that the president was involved in any kind of collusion about the election. Stories falling apart a little bit. What do you sit up? Oh, just because of everything Manafort. Just the idea that the the president and his the people around the president that story that all we there was nobody in the campaign that was involved with the Russians at all. Has changed completely here? Right. Every every every time they push back. The White House pushback or the or the, you know, the president's the Trump organization, whatever it is has pushed magazine, we were never involved. We were never involved. There's nothing. There's no shred of anything. You could say that all you want. But every day another ornament falls off at tree. They are not telling the truth about it. They weren't telling the truth, then they're currently not telling the truth question is how far are they not telling the truth? I get it. Rudy Giuliani is paid to be the attorney. I understand. All right. We'll get to your three or two and you're one. But first checking Judy what's coming up at the bottom of the hour. The vice president offering the nation's condolences to the family of the late former President, George Hw Bush. This traffic.

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