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Welcome back good to be back and welcome thanks mongo. Db james I'll never forget that. I Show that you did with us. Low those many years ago In the absolute perfect description of ifc. And why you it and It just You know it was a great explanation. I consider it the best explanation of those things since before. Or since i appreciate that a lot of my goal of technology is to understand things at a fundamental level and then share it with others. And i'm hoping to bring some of that. Knowledge of non relational databases and mongo. Db two emeals the dot net community. And i think i heard about maga d be in the context of raven db which is i thing and i guess he he wanted to do something similar to mongo but i never really really got into it into raven but i did like the way he was talking about. How index is created on the fly. And all of that stuff and i imagine. It's very much the same in mongo. I end is a smart guy. And he was trying to build a native and non relational engine on windows for the dot net framework and like a lot of the ideas. He took from mongo. Db we are competitive product. Why will fully admit up but with mongo. Db you've got a much larger organization behind cut a lot more features and it's amazing all the things that de mortgage is used. That's been around for well over a decade shall do you remember when we were founded two thousand seven might have been two thousand nine somewhere somewhere around there so we've been around for a while and we've gone through. There's been a lot of different technologies steps along the way an improvement. So that's remember very angie ireland with that canadian. Who's been quiet. so far we were on the Scott net rocks was at scott net rocks. It was the england. Ireland and scotland tour that we did yes and so we were in dublin. And we're heading out to go meet a friend you know for some traditional music and right next door to the hotel was manga devi. But it was just really. It was really like a a soviet kind of experience. There was just the word mongo. Db in a very small font on the door. You remember this. Richard was like. Isn't that kind of unassuming right for this huge as a company to just have this little door with his little logo. We're not yeah. Yeah yeah no. What i'm saying is it was probably a big office but just under understand it at the front door little door. A little sign on a perfectly normal size ashley right..

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