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When muhammad ali was training and the poconos mace loaded a group of teenagers into his car and took them on a quest to find all these training camp maize arrived in the middle of the night ali invited him in and made him breakfast when new york nexstar walt frazier wrote about meese than his autobiography maize took another group of poise and stood outside the locker room saying that he was going to sue frazier for writing about him without his permission really all you want it was an autograph and a photo but if you could make it onto the broadcast that was even better this one's from september twenty seven th nineteen fifty when mays jumped into the ring before another joe louis fight by the way the alleged who have come into the ring watering across the border say lead did throw me out of the ring but again they let him stay and watch the fight and get his picture nays bugonjo took advantage of the fact that no one wanted to say no to the guy who was only forty three inches tall and why whitney he was constantly being disadvantaged right in not being able to participate in sports in the way he was treated in school the world was set up in a way that was just such a giant obstacle for him everywhere he went and so if he could use his smallsized to any kind of advantage he would do it he had no issue with at if that had been all there was to it this would just be a story about a man with differences who found the confidence to take on the world through his interactions however brief with famous athletes and that would be fine.

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