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Podcast and on his own show. Thirty two fans, so he like two hours deep into Rene up. Launched his own plea to get people to tweet at me to unbanned him. And I think we got more tweets saying to get him on the show. But I told the kiva that's providence of criticism of us than it is on him at like people listen to his show or like who are these people? We don't need to tweet at them. I don't listen. But rob. So I'm explaining this because Brian needs something explained. Rob mention I forget, the I wish I had gone back and listen to it to get the full the full thing. But kiva was talking about me and the challenge podcast, and Brian rob was like and Brian Cohen. And it was like, well, I don't know if Brian has banned me like this is Brian to and so I treat it out. Like Ryan is aware of if if if not condones like, I'm not gonna put you in this too. But Brian has always aware of my arbitrary secret bands of which there are many, and they're very petty, maybe arbitrary were their petty. And and then I also added that Brian will certainly need this tweet explained. Because there's no way he is Eddie frigate idea. What we're talking about mope just most off right right before right before. Yeah. So I can't keep on and then rob TEK semi because I am reluctantly agreeing to go on this weakens history quiz. My fischel position is I'm unhappy about it. But rob knows I don't say not him. So here we are. That'll be April look forward to that. But he also added like and by the way, like unbanned, Akiva. And I was like Akiva like, you told dad on me, whatever. Many bands. And I intend to keep them to myself. So I don't have to lift them when I don't want to give I mean, it's hard to to coordinate a show at three people. It is it is usually one of us is out. We haven't been out yet. So you don't strong what finals, but I also like I don't love three person podcast because then I don't get to save everything. I want to say. Of course, they can't have. But Akiva, Akiva was like, well, let's go on like the BNB together and like squash this, and I was like why would I give that ratings goal? Monto the BNB like we're going to wash. It you go on my show. We don't I'm not going to be a guest two guests. And then I also said if you think that I would waste a guest appearance by sharing the time. You're crazy. You don't know gonna coming on? And then further splitting my guest appearance. So keeping we'll come on at some point. Although he's an Israel. So what a time difference scheduling on that. If you on banning, I'll I'll drop the hammer. I'll I'll rebate. Tabet? That's happened Ivan banned him Brian has now issued his first then this is my seventh. Ben at least. I have a bad. I I've been banned from other people. I just haven't done the banning almost everyone is banned like me. But keep me band. A little I guess, maybe Brandeis medic reasons Ryan you're holding against him. He's an Israel. No. If you want to be on the record for saying that. That was the final enough. I'll now McCall timezone issue though. Yeah. We can't have that. All right. So kiva as band if anybody's still listening to this and wants to tweet Akiva that he's been re band that'll put him into tizzy and it'll be receivable their us. Yeah. About how about that? Alright. So a couple of things from social media. Thank you to a digital communications manager Meghan Elizabeth light week this week. Besides the heavy heaviness that was deed on well. Car said we owe. So this I kind of agree with car. The challenge tweeted Feo could practically reach out and grab the rings from car without either of them jumping laugh cry emoji and car said, wait..

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