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I was lost until i watched that video sure and that's something that we need a riposte and see steve pretty soon but <hes> i may even put it in the comments for anybody who who listens because i agree that i remember that video very very clearly and i know also that that tied <hes> he he's been kind of <hes> talking about potentially moving his channel away from from youtube to which would mean that won't be available bony more but you might wanna watch while you can't in other words people <hes> but we'll kind of shift a little bit tim to this part in that. Is you know what are your expectations of of what you've done like foundation that you personally built right and now you're helping other people. What do you think this what's next for you. Where where do you think this is. Gonna take you you. You know joe <hes>. I'm really playing it by ear because i haven't been doing it that long. But you know have a lot of things in mind you know. I'd like to help people more as i grow but i'm not in a rush to do more advanced training because i still need my own. I still need my own experience. Experience only comes through time so i'm i'm going to need to gain some experience by looking at charts and it's gonna take a long time before i'm always confident enough to start a more advanced class for technical analysis analysts were i actually you know something like todd would for instance but <hes> for right now you know <hes> taken in one day at a time a ah taken as far as i can gio. I really didn't expect a response. I have right now and <hes> it's overwhelming but it's flattering at the same time and <hes> i'm i. I'm enjoying every minute of it so my plans are to keep enjoying it and <hes> as long as i keep enjoying it and maybe i could make some money owning it too but that's my main goal on my main goal is to help others in enjoy and if the money comes that's great absolutely you know that brings brings up a good point. Tim and this is something i profess for very long time right now. Is that a lot of cryptos bic. Bitcoins issues are the lack of understanding and everything not just like you know how to trade but it's just an uneducated in very immature market now if you look at from from that today's date compared to twenty seventeen eighteen. We look like you know a little bit more grown up. I would say that i would i would even go as far as we've matured at an exponential rate the same way that bitcoin has matured. It's there's there's was another step each way and you're always going to attract in this industry right now. You're going to track people who may not be here for the right reasons and that's that happens in anything where there's an opportunity to make money potentially but overall the communities are becoming way more aware of what's right and wrong. The influencers are being you know being being held very accountable as they should you know i know i had to grow and i know i needed. I needed to mature in my own development and my own presentation of of my thoughts and from twenty sixteen twenty seventeen where it was. You know what's next coyne. I'm going to buy it's now more of an ideology. I have watched the space. Get get more and better prepared and <hes> for really i'd say since really the beginning of the bear market when real realistic expectations began to kind of settle in to where we were and that these these all coins weren't going to go up for forever. It was very easy to be right in two thousand seventeen. It was very easy to be wrong in two thousand eighteen. Even the people who typically i would say are always right the ones that actually know what they've been doing. Those people took a hard hit and you know. Some of them lost their credibility. Some of them deserve to lose credibility but a lot of them. You know were especially ones ends up with it for the right reasons. They had a very hard twenty eighteen and you know it helped. It helped a lot of people to understand. Don't be relying on person. Don't you dare just by something without doing your own research wjr and you better make sure and i'm going to say this. I'm going to be very careful how i say it but you better make sure that you take responsibility you know and people don't want wants to place blame right. They like to not be wrong. They like it to be somebody else's fault. They like just cycle psychologically. They want to not be at at fault for their mistakes. Now twenty seventeen and beginning of two thousand eighteen it was it was it was just trusted everybody right. I mean if they've been right a couple at the time boom. I it's worth. It's worth the risk but then everybody was a lot of people would be a little bit disappointed. You know a as two thousand eighteen world around. Wouldn't you say tom yeah you know in twenty seventeen you throw a dart in with the blindfold on a hit a i._c._o. Or hit a a coin that was going to multiply fifty times you know and it was just an amazing time when i when i first got in i got in november. Two thousand seventeen and i put some money in bitcoin a._t._m. And atoll it all. I started for me but you know i really didn't find out much about alz until all season was over but it was still very exciting. You know i remember member road bullish huge back then even the people at my work. We're talking about people that never talk about. Cryptocurrency was talking. We're talking about ripple and i was always intrigued by when i was a ah still new back then you know what i was looking for the next <hes> you know get rags to riches coin. Sir ripple did do that. That's for sure you're right. You know twenty eighteen was more of a <hes> defining year. I think if you stuck around and you hung out through twenty eighteen urine my respect addict agreed that when we fall in that category and we have a lot of friends that did influence or not i mean moderators are not a lot of really great people especially in the c._c. Community but i mean other communities say like jeff's over that time period thomas a lot i think especially as the trading side goes you. You know if you're a good trader you could you could still make money you know where a lot of the holders. They suffer tremendously and i'm. I'm way more of a holder than i am. A traitor and i'm still feeling the effects of that whereas has trades sometimes great. Sometimes i did not so great but i was still doing something you know. The holding was just constantly negative for the entire year. I mean there was no success in twenty eighteen and that carried over until early twenty nineteen where before we broke out of that bear the bear market correct correct in february. Actually i think it was february february eighteenth when it started turning around by the way for the record on january six. I made a post. It's still out there. I said i personally believe in my opinion that winter is over so only post xybernaut about one or being over and i call it on that day now actually think that i knew that a couple of days before i think there were indicators. I don't want to like i'm no. I'm not but i could feel the tide turning in like you said in february we finally did there's some signs of life and then when we broke out of that that <hes> what was it we had to break thirty eight hundred or forty two hundred. I can't remember now thirty two hundred yeah we went way down thirty two hundred that's for sure but when when it had gone back up i think once we broke through like forty two hundred or something like that i think there was a little bit of like really early like glimmers of hope at that point and i can't remember what actually was the price when we actually broke out of the bertrand but regardless we did to him and we're here now. We're sitting at eleven and a a half. Ish you know what's what's next bitcoin do. What do you think i mean without giving numbers you know. I think there's a lot of room for bitcoin to grow. I'm a very big fan of bitcoin bitcoin. You know i've done over one hundred coin reviews and a bitcoin is the only coin i touch so i should tell you right there. I don't trust all all coins as much you know it doesn't trade him but my main goal is to obtain more sats nothing more if i'm gonna trade all at all. I'm gonna use it for. I think bitcoin is going to grow. It's going to grow very big. It's going to be like gold in my eyes. I don't think it's going to be a medium of exchange. It could be whitening network catches on but i mean that's that's a whole different podcast but <hes> absolutely you know the i think at the end of the day bitcoin gold in the fact that is the store of value and if it if if if it turns out to be historic value i think bitcoin wins dude. Were on the exact same page. I don't even think that it worked and it. It doesn't even need to work as a means of payment. You know there's there's plenty of opportunities and i think stable coins will pr- probably own that department but like you said to me. Bitcoin is digital gold. It's very cliche to say but there's absolutely no doubt my mind that it serves the purpose of a store of value in that department then does better than a ah cryptocurrency in in means of payment. It just doesn't have to do that to be successful. You know it's limited. It's finite. It's decentralized. We need to have value away from governments away from stable coins which tend to sometimes be be more manipulated than they they are stable and we we see that with the dollar the u._s. Dollar is supposed to be stable able in theory to an extent but inflates you know why because they print more money and you know when you have something like tether which is stable. It's honored as such but can contenders contenders contenders mode of <hes> of of printing actually sustain. You know i mean what if it goes back down at all that teller's leftover over what's going to happen to it right. I mean it's the same concept that same principle in which we deal with the u._s. Dollar <hes> you know. I don't want to get on the u._s._r. Bashing incident because i am an american and i use u._s. Dollars hours all the time but it'd be crazy not to admit that there's some big holes and faults in it and is that success of the u._s. are sustainable. You know that's one reason why i love. Bitcoin bitcoin is that we know there's only going to be twenty one million bitcoin ever minted and or mind. I'm sorry and it's nothing are the u._s. Dollar is just printed nonstop. It seems like and there's no accountability. There's a lot of accountability with bitcoin. We know exactly how it's gonna work. Mathworks works wonderful and big point is a perfect example of that absolutely absolutely and i know we both we both share that same conceptual -ality of what critics chr crypto and specifically bitcoin can do for for this planet <hes> but let's and we kinda sidestep a little bit here too because this is one of my favorite topics you know we we have politics that go on we have you know wars and <hes> disagreements between nations but the one thing that always comes down to is money and when you can offer a more simplistic simplistic and fair actually simplistic may not be the right word but a more fair means of <hes> of transferring wealth whether it be from country to country or person to person without without the need of the government to oversee this you know of course we all know the governments don't like the idea of bitcoin they would..

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