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To the microphone is the voice of, the New York Yankees here arc about repack for kids about them They're. All over social media. About fall down seven get up all of those quotes it's very rare that you get an opportunity to see someone with as much grace composer humor charm your shoe She went. Through when I think would have broken most human beings and credit breaker she didn't let it, define, her and Has reinvented herself So much respect for her I find it to be She's truly one, of the most inspirational people and I've been able to spend time with and to. Call her and her husband another class is something that I'm I'm very appreciative of Peterborough joining us from. The moment or so amount twenty. Two is out right now so, Peter in terms of boxing it's been such a huge part of your life and not just as fan or a fighter. Or as a gym owner it's all the above who were some of. Your favorite fighters growing up Survey Muhammad Ali was at the top Really inspire maybe older, fights for anyone who. Hasn't seen award. He fights those those those were those don't those crew fighters in what they, did with, each other in the ring you know personifies the very best of of what boxing, champion the. Way they both conducted themselves the friendship they had grace that ward Shoka Gotti. Family after I got he passed. Away I find to be incredibly inspirational it was certainly, Muhammad Ali that as. A little kid my jaw dropped open I thought I was looking at a probably for the first time I felt like I really understood what were they. Just watch the magic one last night you and I could tell, stories right listeners choice for an hour but there's just one quick one. A story from a few years back you gotta call that a, sewage, pipe. Had broken at, your gym wildcard west you fly After lone survivor set New Mexico nobody there to clean, it, up. What happened I was trying to start a boxing, gym in you know for anyone that's ever tried to start a boxing gym I didn't know what endeavor that frustrating and everything was pretty, much going wrong with my gym. And things are breaking and people were quitting and, it just wasn't going, well. I was thinking about sitting down I was in. I was in Mexico filming I. Gotta call Broken Sewage. Everywhere and I remember asking who is going to clean it. Up and my assistant told me that I was going to clean it, up but that was not in her job. Description so I flew back A. Friend like rubber suits mops hoses spent about. Four, hours cleaning it up and he laughed and I. Was sitting in the gym by. Myself and I realized that this was pretty much we, were we were done I was sitting in one of the mirrors I I. Saw some always in the gym with mirror, I saw this? Bright red, hair. I turn and it's it's. Soccer Alvarez staring at me and he was just really starting. To emerge as a big fan of his and I looked at him, and he said are you Peterberg I said. Yes 'cause I'm so Oh you are Jim I said sure he, started walking around? I think, he. Was getting one He. Was in LA walks around Sam Look at, he said I like to thank. You and I was just not. Horribly but you did see the mind You think. I could do my camp here Can I do my camp And he walked outside and there were two suburban. Full of his Mexican crew and he. Started yelling and jumped out they had food and and office, boxing flying into my, gym put on like salsa. Music and just started training and instantly my Jim came back then it was like for my, my field of dreams moment, like legitimately that I was I was, a fifteen minutes from Sutton Jim down and Amazing totally surreal film is mild twenty two. It starring Mark Wahlberg John Malkovich Ronda Rousey is. In theaters right now he is a, director producer, and actor. An EMMY award winner in a hell of. A good interview subject Peter saga to have you, on the show thank you so much luck. With that great talking to you. Peter YouTube Peter Peterberg. Change up on you. What a great conversation that was so. Mild twenty two is out right now. It's theaters starring Mark Wahlberg John Malkovich. And Ronda Rousey one eight hundred six. Three six eight six eight. Six your thoughts were open for an entire hour now on the back, end in our number three it's going to be tough to get through she want jump in right now Kyle. Wittingham next hour Paul Chryst next hour. An update on Jalen Ramsey next hour there is no update, on IRA Craig I, don't have one that's not. Coming there is no data on Dane cook I don't have that either but if you wanna, talk about Ronald kunia if, you wanna talk about I'm trying Jennifer, in CJ McCollum It to something you wanna talk about that has to do a, sports that's fine let's do it.

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