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I just want to say, I think undercover boss. I don't know who the boss of accident. He was the you should go undercover. And then you see for yourself. I love undercover boss. I love it. I'm motivated to become successful and have extracting business with different employees. Just so that can go undercover boss and pay off their debts. Cloudy. A Heather said her sixty dollars. Fuck where did that bitch get address for sixty dollars? How do you know that it's she said on her Heather McMahon is coming to fuck Heather McMahon's coming on the Tamar to recap our night together and her agent and her agent and Jackie's just going to try and get awarded. Yes, I've been tired. I could one day off tomorrow. I don't think any women honestly that might be a good. I think you've got mental Health Day. No, I have shit to do to the courthouse. Go into the. Gooding? Read to harmonize yet. Yeah. Okay. Yet TVD. I'm actually, but I need a courthouse. Look, I'm not I'm not prepared. What was the story? We just reported. Jennifer Lawrence is go into the chat lead. She's go again. Aid. Did it next story Arianna grandma is not attending the Grammys after after disagreements with the producers, she's not attending. She's not performing both ding to a disagreement with Grammy producers over which song. She would perform Arianna GRANDE who has been featured on billboards promoting the show all of our LA, not only wealthy performing at February tenth show. She will not even be attending. According to sources close to the situation and the entire details. Variety that grimy felt quote insulted after producers initially refused her refused to allow her to perform seven rings the latest single from her forthcoming album. A compromise was reached where seven rings would be a part of a medley but grenade pulled out after producers insisted that the second song be of their choosing. Fuck you guys. What do you know? I don't know. I think about like, okay. If this was the billboard or American or one of the thousand of their fake shows as an opportunity to promote your new single great. But like she had over marketable year, she's nominated for a sweetener like it's only appropriate that you perform. Warm something from sweetener know whenever people perform they perform their newest song at every other award show. But not the Grammy's. Yes, the Grammys then the Grammy's he's also like fusions could have been seven rings with. I don't know Julie Andrews singing, my favorite ings. It's just so incredibly odd to me that Arianna Guerande will be going to something because for her. This has been the year of getting out of bed and going places when I just wish she would relax and take an app because she's so busy. So actually like as much as I will miss her. I'm actually happy she's going to take the night off. I agree. And you know, she's not performing seven rings than ever ah fuck themselves and they're wrong. They're dead wrong. That is the greatest ever the more. I listen to it. I'm making a call. It's better than thank you next in eights ethic, and it would have been so good any and the Grammies just didn't take a chance on an unknown seen. Appreciate that. Well, now now that these reports are coming out. It's also being reported that Taylor swift declined the invitation to come no bed. Feelings blood blood chose whip reference. She's just not going to go because it is the BAFTA awards, and she's going to support her boyfriend the actor Joe Alwin as he's nominated for the favorite, which is maybe I've heard a lot about but haven't and have no interest in is favorite not at all. And I feel like yes, she's definitely like wanting to support a wife, but she's probably salty that she didn't get nominated for the year. Yeah. She doesn't each up whatever it doesn't matter because it's the night a PC mouse groups, I know she's gonna win. I just have a feeling in my even though lady Gaga that leak that I didn't think it was real. But a lot of people do said that someone else went up of the year..

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