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But you know, at least there are alternatives that you can recommend to I could recommend. I actually recommend the bullets wireless to people. It is a good bluetooth headset for what fifty dollars sixty dollars. Yeah. And on the flip side of the gauge out call out, another one of my stay mobile award winners with the Sony Wh thousand XM three or the Mark threes there three hundred fifty dollars. But I love that. You can they're the best over the year bluetooth headphones I've ever used and I love that you can buy those end a one plus sixteen. And still come away paying I think a couple of dollars less than you would like a note nine or an iphone. Yeah. At their launch prices. Obviously all the phone prices have come down for the holiday. So and even then neither the no nine nor the iphone. Made it in your running. Yeah. That's true. But no nine was close though, it was which makes sense to me. I know nine is still a beast. And every time I use it. We've been using on this trip a lot. Because folks, I don't know if you know, California, big state, not covered by every network. My only Verizon Simmons in the Verizon ends in the note nine so every time I pick it up to use it on this trip. I'm like, oh, God, I forgot how much love this phone was that your unit provided by Samsung. Yeah. So okay, good. You just confirm something for me that I've been meaning to to test. If Verizon symbol work in the no nine absolutely have not done that. I've just kept it in my pixel. Yep. Okay. So with that the me twenty pro okay? Yeah. This is I'm still it's a daunting task to review this not only four pocket now. But also for myself because oh my God. There's so much to talk about what I want to hear your take on the may twenty pro I I wish I say the same thing every time. I wish I could give you more info than is in my head right now because I actually haven't used it properly as daily of like for for long enough to formulate a full opinion. And this is one of those phones that requires that amount of actual usage. And I'm not just talking about taking it out to like a food festival or food truck festival and taking pictures within and assessing in that situation. You have to use it at night, you have to use it on a trip you have to use it when you're out and about because the camera is that versatile at this point. You have to wide angle you have the night mode. You have good stabilization in the video the video mode may not be the most robust interface which referring to. Over the last couple of days in so you have to you have to understand that this review. I think this year is the hardest one because with the one plus sixty I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everybody for the razor frontier which I'm reviewing right now. It's a great phone for what I call the unapologetic the people who are like, I I know exactly what I'm buying. I'm a razor fan. I in the whole world to know it. So the unapologetic for that the pixels for like, I g boyfriends and photo takers, but the may twenty pro it fits in so many different categories in different ways. And I'm I'm flabbergasted by how to sink lycee that in a review. From my perspective. The may twenty pro is is a hardware court force. Yes. And I mean, I'm I really mean it when I say hardware because when it comes to software. I think we could have a whole podcast episode this length just talking about the things I would change about the software. Yeah. But I was sitting there in that New York City briefing getting the low down on the may twenty pro couple of weeks ahead of its launch. And I realized little more than halfway through the briefing that I was going to have to reschedule with the entire rest of my year because we had the opportunity to go to London to spend five days with shooting with the may twenty pro in London and. I needed to take that I had said, no. And I needed to reconsider because it between all the cameras that you mentioned the fed of facial unlock stuff that no one really has copied as well..

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