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Thirty past each hour on news radio WFLA not quite as cool as yesterday temperatures will climb up to eighty five degrees this afternoon of that higher humidity you'll feel the breeze coming from the south partly cloudy through the afternoon but increasing clouds overnight and a low of seventy one in fact before sunrise tomorrow expect showers and thunderstorms as a cold front arrives we'll keep it up forty percent rain chance through the early afternoon otherwise the high of eighty and dryer again for Friday in the boating forecast today southeast winds becoming south fifteen knots and sees it you'd be understandably meteorologist Leigh Spann the UV index is eleven right now mostly cloudy seventy one degrees in Saint Petersburg fifty seven and Zephyr hills and sixty eight at your severe weather station newsradio WFLA next update at five fifteen on Chris Franklin for your informational cast of players Jack Harris and Jacobson Katie Luchino and Natalie are quickly you're listening to A. M. Tampa Bay good morning it is Wednesday morning and that means Webb's world coming up and it's great to have him back doing webs world that makes us look forward to the peak of the week and that'll be coming up an hour from now and he's certainly going to fail to enjoy not missing that and we got a few other things going on here the other thing I love about Wednesday's you get a real newspaper one of the two days you get it on Wednesday and Sunday it was early today yeah that was pretty sweet that never happened before when you got it seven days a week but they are here and I don't know if this thing when it's over if they'll go back to seven days a week or if this is going to be the norm because newspapers all across the country are going out of business we all know that but anyway it's nice to get a real copy of a newspaper and not just online first of all let us find out what's happening out in neon traffic here with K. law from the losses on traffic center we're looking pretty good on the interstates and expressways so far I don't have any accidents to tell you about on P. seventy five I. seventy five or I. four.

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