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Are you? I gotta tell you. Sometimes the news. It just makes me chuckle. The Miami Dolphins. Robert Quinn is apparently complaining about a lack of coverage for his protest during the national anthem. I think in a couple of things here. I'm just gonna go through this very quickly. Because I'll be honest with you. I'm not entirely certain that Robert Quinn is worth covering. But one of the things that I think that Americans are over right now is the National Football League. I really think that we are. I know that I am it really takes a lot for me to sit down and actually went to watch a national football game. And and this is exactly the kind of story that reinforces that frustration. So Quinn, he's a defensive end with the Miami Dolphins, and he lashes out at reporters yesterday over the quote, unquote, lack of coverage. He's received over his fist raised protest during the national anthem as something by the way, he's been doing since joining the dolphins in the off season. His exact quote. Y'all ignore it. Because when I gave my first message on trying to bring unity, y'all swept it under the rug, right? All right. So couple of things first of all I think that when he started doing it here the beginning of the two thousand eighteen season. I think people are just I rolling these things. Now, I I really think that they are. And I don't want to spend a whole lot of time on this. Because I think we all know that you have to sides. You know, you have those that supported Colin Kaepernick in the players in the kneeling and all that. And and you have those that don't support it. It's a bottom line. And I think we've all gone to our corners, and quite frankly, we've all moved on. But then he continues to speak. He says you've got this lady named sin Toya Brown or whatever her name is. And you sent her to life in prison because she was being sex trafficked. Okay. So let's just take a step back in this. This is really why I wanted to talk a little bit about Miami. Dolphins defensive end Robert Quinn. Because he talks about ignorance, and he talks about wanting to get rid of the ignorance, so let's look at the ignorance, shall we? Of his statements. Now toria Brown. She is somebody who years ago when she was sixteen years old, and in her her name is in the news as of weight because of the fact that she received a really long, I think it was a wife. Yeah. It was a life in prison because of the fact that she shot a man in cold blood as he was sleeping. She shot him in the back of the head. So I'm gonna talk a little bit about this. And talk about the the comments made by Robert Quinn because as he's talking about trying to get rid of the ignorance, he's really showing his sin. Toya Brown was a sixteen year old girl here in my state of Tennessee in my city of Nashville Tennessee, and so I would tell Robert Quinn. Yes. Whatever her name is. Well, it is sin Toyo Brown. And what happened was she was a runaway. She met up with a guy named cutthroat and he ended up being her pimp. So he goes since her out, she meets this guy, a real estate agent at a sonic. They go back to his place, and he is showing her his guns and some other things will then he apparently falls asleep. And after he falls asleep. She takes her gun. And this is according to the police report her story was vastly different. The investigators say in the prosecutors say that as he was sleeping. She took out her gun and shot him in the back of the head as he was sleeping. His hands were holding his head his face was in his hands. So apparently, she 'cause she shot him in cold blood. And then by the way, she robbed him of his guns. She robbed him of his wallet. And she stole his truck. And that is why she even at the age of sixteen. She was tried as an adult, and she is now spending the rest of her life in prison. So couple of questions is just very quickly. Okay. So and she was terrified of her her her pimp cutthroat, right? The dude's name was literally cut throat. So if you are willing to shoot the the pen or the John the real estate agent guy who who apparently picked her up for sex. That's at least the story we've know some people that have differing theories on this. But whatever. And so the bottom line is if she was willing to shoot, the the John the real estate agent. Well, then why did she shoot cutthroat? Did that was one question that I had because she had her own gun. Now on the other side of the coin just so you know, that I'm I'm trying to be somewhat sympathetic to as sin Toyo Brown. She had a horrible. And I mean, a horrible childhood. But that doesn't excuse the way that she killed this man in cold blood. But for Robert Quinn to say she was sent to life in prison because she was being sex trafficked. Well, that's not actually the way that it went down. So that's number one. And she was sixteen years old and end here in Tennessee. We are short on clemency watch. This is the case by the way, you know, we had a riana and Kim Kardashian and some of these other folks glommed onto this particular story because there was a documentary made about as senatorial Brown, one of the other things because it's full of inconsistencies, and one of the other things that I thought was interesting about the case is they talk about how this this. Now, thirty one year old woman, she she was sixteen at the time about how she has all these problems, you know, mental psychological problems because her mother was hardcore drinker and so when she was pregnant with sin Toyota. Vincent Toya ended up with some brain damage. And so they had she they say that she has this this really low IQ and all these other things on the other hand, she's earned her degree in college. So either she's brain damaged from her mother's drinking while she was pregnant, listen toria or she's able to get a degree while she's in prison. I don't know which one it is see I it's so full of inconsistencies. Now our owned governor here in Tennessee governor has lem he's decided well, no, she's not at least right now. He's not going to a grant her clemency. Who knows what the incoming governor will do? But it's something that is constantly percolating. But for my own two cents on this. I would just have to say to Robert Quinn. No. She was sentenced to prison because she was being sex trafficked. So that's number one number two. Is he talks about, you know, things like racial injustice, and all these other things he was asked about the his opinions on activism, and and why he protests in the name of perceived racial Justice. And and he said, well, the president is building a wall to keep Mexicans out. He says there's a lot of racial injustice in this country. You can see it in the way that America was built in the way that people talk. And again, he said the president is building a wall to keep the Mexicans out. Well, what the president is actually during Robert Quinn is he wants to build a wall to enforce our immigration laws. That's what it's all about. So if you want to say that it's quote unquote to keep the Mexican Mexicans out. I guess if that's your own warped view of it. That's all fine. And well for you. If that's what you wanna do. But it's a lot more general broad nuanced discussion, then just quote, unquote, keeping the Mexicans out. He also says and I do agree with. Him on this. Let's bring humanity and friendship to America. And let's get rid of ignorance, right? So that's all fine. And well, but you know, one of the things that is we talk about the NFL. I get I guess we're going into a playoffs or something this weekend. Right. And I know it sounds terrible. That I don't even really know. But this is how disconnected I am from the National Football League. Because of all of these all of these protests, one of the things that I would say to a robber Quinn and to the National Football League into those players who are inclined to perhaps continue to protest. He's complaining about a lack of coverage. I would say the reason why there's a lack of coverage is because people simply don't care anymore. There's always different stages of these kinds of topics. Right. And these are ongoing, and so at first people were you know, sort of shocked and angry. They were surprised they couldn't believe these players would do this. It's un-american. It's an anti military. You hate the police and all of these different things ran through our public discourse. But now we are at a time where you continue to do your protests and people they're so sick and tired and fed up with the whole thing that they simply don't care. You ever been in a bad relationship where you fight and you fight about the same things over and over and over again, the problem is when you stop fighting when you stop discussing when you stop arguing that means that you've stopped caring. And that's when you know that it really is time to call it quits, and there are millions of people across America who really have called it quits as we go into apparently the playoffs here in the here across America for the National Football League. So we'll have to see what happens with proper quaint if he ends up because of his whining wealthy. Get more coverage for his protest during the national anthem at Dan info, Bernie, Ernie right here on news and information five seventy KLIF tend to check the roads with Bill Jackson.

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