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I think a combination right? As good combination. So Dad Hardy, he wants to be cut from the UFC, I guess. Because you heard what happened with her game. You ever having, like he was like announcing a fight, her game didn't suck. Time you flipped out to charge the cage. So yelling at her game and then it was like, cuz I guess the guy was taking too much punishment, And then her being okay, with a month. And then now, and then he went out to hurt his wife, kind of like Herb's wife, he said something to her. So they they basically he got caught for that boy announcing off and now he wants to be released and fight Nick Diaz. So, can you hear me? Bill. Hello, ma'am. I'm first of all, I Didn't Know. Dan Hardy was Yeah, yeah, I didn't know. I know he was still fighting. He's like, nah, still fighting. Dad is like also, like come here. Violet has also like my old training partner. So there's like the nicest guy in the world when you meet him. I think. Sometimes I'm serious. I think I'm so I wrote up them. I wrote them at Legends that Eddie Bravo's. Yeah, me too. I mean, what a nice job, right? Yeah, yeah, I think sometimes like, I think that he doesn't come across as well as he is in person on social media, you know, but so nice. It's a nice guy ever. So I don't think they're going to be Nick Diaz a release but he's basically like going after. Like, yeah, Uncle Dana, I'm just like come on dude. Then like, don't I guess I would say don't bite the hand that feeds you and stuff but like Pac-Man. I don't know what's going on there. So here we go, my wife, taking my kid, thank you very much. We could have this podcast going. Neil, Magny, how are you ma'am? I'm doing great. How are you? Good, good. Sorry. The klusterfuk. I just like I was trying to get my Bluetooth on my phone setup. Are you guys are chatting there now? It's all good. I got I got my kids took her to dance class and then something I canceled. And then I was playing. Normally I haven't had any of this time and I don't. So I'm just trying to juggle. Everything you have any kids, Neil your summer Sports too last year. They're just pushing a committed to joining the call so you know how it is. Congratulations on your first kid, man. Yeah, looks like you guys better if you want. 2nd. Sure. So yeah, we got Neil Magny. How cool is that? You watch the fight last week? I feel so bad mystify last week. All right, I love Neil though, he's a great fighter, but I can pretend like I'm talking about With Disaster. But what happened Neil be Jeff Neal who actually is like no joke, a guy's life. I think it was the underdog and the first round was kind of competitive and then they'll just figured him out and just.

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