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Prairie chicken. The lessons we've heard about the lesser prairie chicken before. Yes, it didn't. It didn't work. In the trumpet years, the Trump the Trump Administration turned a blind eye. To the peril faced by the lesser prairie chicken, But now it's been trotted out again. To a stop. Stop drilling. We all know Trump was a greater prairie chicken supremacist. Yes. Meanwhile, In spite of the Trump administration's lays a fair hands off policy when it comes to the lesser prairie chicken, the population Of lesser prairie chickens across the five states that are affected in the Southwest, and and Further north to Kansas. Has grown to an estimated 34,000 from 18,000 and 2014. So obviously the the Lesser Prairie Chicken, like Like most Americans flourished during the Trump administration. And the Wall Street Journal says there's no urgent reason to list the lesser prairie chicken. There's an endangered species other than to appease green lobbyists and their desire to use every regulation possible to stop oil and gas development. Candidate Joe Biden promised he wouldn't ban oil and gas fracking. But his administration plans to restrict that step by step with a regulatory onslaught and the lesser prairie Chicken listing seems to be part of that strategy. What's more tasty piping clovers or lesser prairie chickens. But there's more meat on a lesser prairie. There might be more meat, but the piping clover is certainly going to be a more Delectable delicacy. You think so? Yeah. Small tender. Plump. They're always worried about their eggs to you know, that's what they always say. There's a nest. Is that we have to shut down that beach. I don't care if it's the fourth of July and 100,000 people are coming. There's a nest. There's three eggs in there. All right, you know, so California's promoting electric vehicles, everybody's promoting electric vehicles, right? California. Has a About the same little maybe a little, maybe a higher percentage of electric vehicles that most of the U S. But it's not much, not much over 2%. But California has an act that legislation that seeks to ban gasoline powered vehicles beginning in a mere 14 years. Okay, So how would you say so if they banned gasoline powered vehicles? How are they going to how are the vehicles going to be Howard. They will have to be electric vehicles. They will have to be charged. Well, guess what? California. With 2% electrical vehicles at this point and now going to move to 100% electrical vehicles in 14 years, the grid is already so inadequate that it can effectively charge the tiny number of electric cars already on the road. Shuttered the main nuclear power plant in the state. They've invested massively in wind and solar energy, which is as worthless as memories on a bowl most of the time, so that what they have to do is important energy from other states. Which is generated using or I don't know nuclear power. What happens when when? When those states want to go 100% electric vehicle well, that's going to be the that's going to be the question you're going to run out of states to import from right? As temperatures hit triple digits during California's heatwave. Last week, the state's power grid operators encouraged residents to relieve pressure on the grid by charging their electric vehicles before the peak. Energy use times of the day. Oh, okay. As a power line blog notes it is characteristic of poor or war torn Third world countries that electricity is available only intermittently during the day. California Welcome to the third world. So National Renewable Energy laboratory is encouraging vehicle owners to, uh to Woods start charging their vehicles in the day rather than it might The problem, of course being, but the day is when most people Even trust a ferry ins in California drive their cars and not at night time. So the solution for California stop driving your electric cars during the day, drive them at night. Oh, okay. So it's trying to use more battery because you have to use your lights. Well, we're talking about recharge. Oh, yeah, That's true, too. So, Yeah, you're you would need more a recharge more quickly, because you'd be using them on the lights and plus in the winter would be colder. These cars glow in the dark now, I don't know. Yeah, There was a reason why Ive owners charge their cars at night. It's because that's when they're not driving them. The problem is inherent since the sun doesn't shine at night, and winds tend to die down at night as well. So there's less energy from your solar and wind power. So if you're an electrical vehicle owner, you're asked to work second shift. Guess that's correct. If you can afford a Tesla, do you really want to be working a second shift? You want to be working there? Most Tesla workers working shifts at all. There is no real solution to the problem when E. V s represent 2% of the cars on the road, let alone in the hypothetical utopia. 2035 where they going to represent 100% in California. I pay, you know, it's The good news is California is going to fall apart and will be an example to the rest of the country. That's I'm hoping that's the good news and we'll teach the rest of us how not to how not to shut down our electrical grids. 844 542 42. I'm Howie.

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