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Eighty. Wpa chew dot com. Thank you for tuning in really appreciate that. We are In a situation now where one of the cova vaccines has been approved by the fda The pfizer vaccine Has been has gone from emergency use authorization now to full approval by the food and drug administration to talk about that and more. We want to bring in to the program. Dr roger klein is a faculty fellow at the center for lol science and innovation at the sandra day o'connor college of law at arizona state university and He's licensed to Not only practice law but also. He's licensed to practice medicine in ohio. Florida and wisconsin. Dr klein good morning. Welcome back to the program. How are you sir. Hi tom scratchy. With you yes sir So fda approval for the visor shot are. Do you expect there to be a full approval. For madonna and johnson johnson as. Well yes sure i eventually i mean i think pfizer No visors has been doing this awhile. And they probably weren't the best. They had their vaccine out early. And at least relative madonna that had never which had never produced an approved product. Before you know they they're experienced going through fda. So i expect the others will also apply in And get approved. Yeah so i. I want to ask you based on You know what what you're seeing here with the The millions who've gotten vaccinated and i believe it's You know over. Sixty percent of the adult population in america's already fully taxed And seventy three percent have had at least one dose. So what are we seeing from the data here I mean it appears that a lot of even the vaccinated are coming down with covert. Now i don't that's that's there's nuance so first of all. It's it's infections Which is what they're called are not unexpected. And they're relatively uncommon. I think what's important is the when people have to get infected. They're they're not getting sick in a in a serious way. It's rare to get to have a serious illness for fully vaccinate person. They almost never die for example. And i there. There's just something that was published. A research letter published in new england journal of healthcare workers. And there were only three out of a thousand who vaccinate who at breakthrough infections. None of them were her four out of a thousand about three or four hundred thousand rates. There there were four workers in and they They they weren't sick at all. I mean they got sore throat second. Yeah now there have been cases of adverse reactions hundreds of thousands. Some of them had been mild. But some have been pretty severe. And i just. I just spoke to a local nurse. Thirty one year old healthy young lady. Mother of three Felt pressured at the hospital. She works at here locally to get vaccinated Did so and then spent several days in the hospital where she worked and it was determined by four doctors that it was a vaccine injury Thankfully she's home but another nurse at Who'd been at the same hospital has had her life turned upside down. She went from a marathon runner to not being able to get up off the couch..

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