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The capital now abrasion the drivers of diesel cause more than four years old gasoline-powered engines more than fifteen years old must pay a sixteen thirty cents fee. They all night when entering central London. That's top of congestion charge says fifteen dollars a day London. Mass at econ says the new declined ultra low emissions is necessary since sows die annually in London alone from toxic comrades. The is the will romo's Charles Ledesma. There's a new top team. Among the NCWA women AP's tummy reports. Baylor held strong after losing key player to knock off Notre Dame defeated defending champion Notre Dame eighty two to eighty one win the NCAA division. One women's basketball championship khloe Jackson's mid-range jumper with five seconds left. Brokaw tight eighty to give the bears the win last year's championship. Hero fighting Irish guard Rica ogm awas had a game high thirty one points, but missed the first of two free throws with one second left to seal the outcome. Notre Dame shot only twenty eight percent from the field in the first half, but roared back after Baylor floored. Lauren Cox went out with a knee injury late in the third quarter. Tom Eakins Tampa. The group that's helped organize weekly student protests in Germany against climate. Change is calling for the country's phase of coal fired power plants to be sped up. Friday's future says the current tentative deadline of twenty thirty eight to late and should be brought forward by eight years at a news conference in Berlin leaders of the group said that Germany should also generate all of its energy from renewable sources and net. Greenhouse gas emissions to zero by twenty thirty five the protests inspired by Swedish Tina of his Greta thumb book of grown rapidly. Jimmy, and Swiss in some politicians of criticized the fact that they've involved thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of students skipping school each Friday. AP.

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